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Wax It Or Worship It?

Back hair. For some it's super sexy. Others can stand the sight of it. But everyone has an opinion on the matter.

Many men gay and straight have been silently, stoically waxing and using Nair in order to meet the standard of dorsal hairlessness. But should they?

An article by Kat Stoeffel published in New York Magazine investigates this contentious and often polarizing issue. He writes, “Back fur is the new bush. Common among adults, yet rarely seen in the wild.”

Stoeffel examines a number of people’s thoughts on the subject — from Mark Joseph Stern’s GQ article in which he concludes back hair is the only body hair that is “never sexy,” to Andrew Sullivan’s recent blog post praising it for being “a powerful visual indicator of testosterone and maleness.”

Sullivan goes on to say, "...maybe I’m just a perv. Or maybe because when a man allows his body to be what it is, and doesn’t try to micromanage every inch of it, he’s inherently sexier than the manscaped, plucked and trussed twink version."

And what about those of us who like the "twink version?"


Take a look through the furry folk below and decide for yourself:

* Yes, please!

* No, thanks! And lie down, hairball, I'm heating the wax.




My man has it. It wasn't my thing before dating him, but I love him. For him. People focus too much on appearance, and less on heart and soul. I don't understand. It's no wonder we can't get equal rights...

Oh dear no, I would tell, not ask my bf to wax it off. I don't think excessive hair is sexy at all.

I prefer no hair on the shoulders and upper back. I actually don't like overgrown hair anywhere. Even if it's not completely shaved off, you gotta keep it clean!  I once dated a guy who had a cute tuft of hair starting at his lower back, which led to the most amazing hairy muscle ass. It was such a turn on. 

I have a lot of hair in chest, legs arms, hands, even feet and I love it but sometimes I have to reduce it a little bit cuz it is too much even for me that I love it. It makes me look sexier though hehe. I think the thing is if both in a relationship like it, it is fine. We have to discuss this with our partners, that is the way due to when we talk about preferences the pattern is confused. Everybody has its own preference.

I personaly like hair my husband is full of it he hates it but i luv it !! 

Body Hair, chest hair, back hair on a man drives me insane with horniness!  So fucking sexy!

The guy in the beach picture is incredible.  I don't care what he looks like from the front.  Daddy.

I fell in love with my boyfriend when he asked one night if i shaved my back.  I said yes and he replied "Would you stop while we are dating".  I have never done it again and we have been together for 4 years!!!

Hmm...those who want men (or are men who look/act like boys) to be hairless must have a fascination with prepubescence because they are emotionally stunted themselves with their "Peter Pan" syndrome. (FYI Real men DO have hair...just not where you'd like it)

I prefer little to no back, chest or pubic hair on guys,  I just do not like to have a mouth full of hair when I am making love to a guy, hair on the arms or legs is fine though. personally I prefer to wax my back and upper arms and my pubic area. makes me feel fresh and clean. :)

I love a hairy chest and legs and to be honest, back hair is kind of sexy, especially if the guy has a nice build to him. Hairy hands and feet is really hot. To me hairless guys remind me of little boys and I dont like little boys.

Okay ... preference is preference ... and I prefer to not even see it. Let alone sleep with it ...

It's a preference. If you don't like it, don't look at it-

I Love hairy backs, asses, chests, arms and legs!!!  It's the epitome of manliness.  If I wanted hairless, I would be straight!


are you from new orleans?

Back hair not 

It depends on the man. I find back hair on obese men to be a detriment. On fit men it's a positive attribute.

So basically your a shallow asshole. Fit or unfit??? Get a grip. One thing for one group another for a different group. We all have preferences but its evident that unless someone is fit you going to pass anyways..

i have nothing against hairy guys, in fact i prefer otters, but back hair is an absolute turn off. 


Real men do have hair....woof indeed... hairless guys is just wrong. Who reacts to look it a prepubescent teen..

Why does it have to be sexy or not sexy? Why can't it just be because it just is? 


Woof! Real men have hair.

i had to puke

NO! Back hair is not sexy all!

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