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Which Deeply Closeted Star Did Armistead Maupin Have Awkward Sex With?

Author Armistead Maupin is known for his memorable characters in his "Tales Of The City" novels, but his real life happens to be just as fascinating.  He just released a new book that went out on October 3rd called  "Logical Family: A Memoir".  

One particular excerpt of the book details his "clumsy sex" that he had with a deeply closeted actor at the time.  Any guesses on who it could be?

Turns out, it was Rock Hudson! He recently gave an interview with Windy City Times where he talked about the exchange and their relationship outside of the media.  He also reveals that he and Sir Ian McKellan both fell in love with the same man:  Broadway and television actor Curt Dawson.  Shocking!

Here's what he had to say about Rock:

WCT: In the book you describe Rock Hudson as a "buddy with occasional benefits." Your first sexual experience with Hudson, however, didn't actually go off with a bang. Did you have any trepidation about describing that first sexual encounter with him?

AM: Well, in the first place, I wrote that scene because sex isn't very interesting if it goes off well—it's just porn. There is something much more human about clumsy sex, and it was clumsy alright. And it also illuminated something about the nature of his life—that people had a hard time connecting with him on a personal level because he was competing with his own image on the screen.

What are your thoughts on this unique twesome?