Was response shocking or expected?
All eyes on Keanu at the NFL combine...
Don't let the door hit ya!
See what he said and how else he was punished.
Doesn't get that he was being transphobic...
Curt Schilling shared an outrageous and disgusting anti-trans post on Facebook, yesterday.
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Adam Von Rothfelder's nude photos shocked 'Strong' producers. (NSFW)
Horses, Hunks, And Happy Times.
This footballer carries a huge bat!
We're suddenly hungry.
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"They just don't feel ready to share their sexual orientation with the world."
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Looks like a love bite to us!
"I’m supposed to stand up for the people who can’t stand up for themselves."
We'd be happy to play with him! (NSFW)
FTM transgender bodybuilder Shawn Stinson speaks out on law that would require him to use women's restroom. (And his viral meme!)
Spanish league denounces anti-gay insults.
Not the face, Gus!!! Check out the damage to Gus' kisser!
It was a long battle, but the legend will finally appear on the box!
Out athlete and rape survivor, Nathan Fort, shares his journey.
Congratulations, Ben Melzer!
"I’m learning everyone’s stories and what the impact of our language is.”
Mexico soccer players ask fans to stop chanting homophobia at their matches.
Sam says if his journey helped one person, then it was all worth it.
Will the NBA take the All Star Game away from anti-gay North Carolina?
Kickball players from team Totes Masc in Los Angeles answer Boxers or Briefs.
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We're all winners here.