Go, Gus!
Ryan Lochte's back in the sponsorship game.
But the player denies he used the slurs against Robbie Rogers.
Will the controversial Olympian's inclusion make you more or less likely to watch?
Strike a pose!
USL is investigating allegations made my Robbie Rogers.
The hits keep coming.
Expecto patronum!
The company says it cannot condone Lochte's behavior in Rio.
We've heard of a nip slip, but this is something else! (NSFW)
Pita, I think we'll miss you most of all!
See what Robbie has to say.
Congrats, lads!
Biles is the first female gymnast to act as flag bearer for the U.S.
“He lied to you, he lied to Matt Lauer, he lied to his mom..."
...after dumping anti-LGBT NC.
Outsports' Zeigler issues an apology.
You wear it well, Matthew!
Double your pleasure, double your fun!
"The police said that they believed that the American swimmer Ryan Lochte had 'stained' Rio by lying about what happened."
...hits the internet, and it deserves a gold medal! (NSFW!)
Was the first out gay Division I basketball player shut out of the NBA for being gay?
Danell's making a VERY strong argument for shirtless men's gymnastics!
Congratulations, Jack!
"Diving for Gold," featuring Dustin Lance Black.
We love you right back, Danell Leyva!
Usain Bolt is too busy winning medals to engage in a Twitter feud.
Or Was It The Other Way Around?
When your manhood gets in the way of your Olympic hopes!
But with a twist!
What do you think?