Talented, and very handsome!
Is the IOC trying to cover things up?
We're thinking men's synchronized swimming at the 2020 Olympic games?
...and for reporter Nico Hines who authored an article that effectively outed closeted Olympic athletes.
When they're not competing, these Brazilian boys know how to unwind! (NSFW)
Best wishes to all the G'uncles out there!
Apology accepted?
Amini Fonua gets tens across the board! (NSFW-ish)
"Some of these people you just outed are my FRIENDS. With family and lives that are forever going to be affected by this."
Should we let them write something artificial ... again?
The Daily Mail seems to imply that a hug shared between two Olympic divers was less than manly.
Combined, They Are Not Far Off The Best Nations.
Chiseled & smooth Olympians are hot, but facial hair gets some of us going.
Many Are Not Amused. Calling Article Homophobic, Invasion, Unwelcome.
Two out gay Olympic greats in one photo!
"People like f***ing you give our community a bad f***ing name."
They look like a perfect fit!
Healing hands work wonders! (NSFW-ish)
And it's gold medal worthy.
Dustin Lance Black beams with pride over fiancé Tom Daley's Bronze Medal Win In Rio!
Does the former NFL player have what it takes to succeed in Major League Baseball?
It's an important question.
Athlete Ally Says No To Mormon College Joining Big 12. Why Now?
You have our support Chris, but not everyone is as happy / educated.
Congrats, guys!!
Yep. Pretty sure we can manage that.
All the golds!
Field Hockey Players Line Up To Give Us A Spohomoric Chuckle.
Getting pinned is a bad thing, right?
So sweet!