We won't put up a fight with this sexy Norwegian! (NSFW)
See who expressed their support.
Says Conor, “I Want To Ride Stark Bollock Naked!”
The lads are here to elevate your heart rate!
The lads came to play, and they brought their own bats! (NSFW-ish)
He's taking off more than his gloves... (NSFW)
The Boston Bruins player says there's "no question."
We love sports.
Bro Reps , DOMS, and my favorite, Goblet Squats
The Olympians NSFW snaps leak!
Adam McCabe is now an out player on a Georgia semi-professional team.
"We're hungry for more." Us too. Check out the OSU Men's Gymnastics promo video!
The UK soccer chief is encouraging it.
We won't join you guys, but we'll warm you up!
Check out the NFL star's first post!
Tribute to the 49 victims is touching, heart warming.
We thought you weren't allowed to bring any weapons to an MMA fight... (GIFs)
It was "one of the lowest moments of my diving career."
A high school football player who sodomized his teammate with a wire hanger will avoid serving time in prison.
A win for all involved!!
We know what we want for Christmas!!
Cristiano Ronaldo posted a video message to the children of Syria and made a donation to Save The Children.
Want to sit on Santa's lap??
Showing off more than muscles! (NSFW)
The San Diego Chargers Said: "We apologize to any fans who may have witnessed the incident."
Ho ho ho!
Our naked straight allies have a message for Trump, Pence, and other world leaders!
"Jingle bell time, it's a swell time..."
Will they break the sports taboo?
Releases second vlog about Russian dogs, double life, skiing, acting, etc.