Gay Porn Studio Under Fire For Brony Sex Video

I’m sorry I have to share this story with you, but it’s just too weird not to share.

Alternadudes is a gay porn studio that’s proud to present gay porn that isn’t just the regular vanilla stuff. Normally, that’s fine, but they may have gone too far with this latest video.

In a video called “A Brony And His Ponies,” porn actor Dashie Chance is recorded inserting himself (and doing the reverse) into “My Little Pony” toys.

As Alternadudes puts it:

“Dashie is one hot dude.”

“He’s a scruffy, shaggy Brony who isn’t afraid to admit his love for the pony culture. He also likes all things furry and enjoys hanging out at the bar and watching movies.”

“Dashie starts out slow in his Brony gear and slowly progresses to the point where he’s buck naked.”

“He whips out his big, smooth cock and plays with his giant shaved sack until he’s rock hard and ready for more.”

“He’s not just satisfied with his hand, so he hops on his stuffed unicorn and humps away.”

If you want to check out the NSFW images from the video’s recording, head over to Str8UpGayPorn (Site VERY NSFW).

There, commenters have shared their shock and disgust at the scene.

“Everyday we stray further away from god.”

“Poor L'il Sebastian. He deserved so much better,” someone joked.

“What in the meth lab, sugar rush, to catch a predator nightmare kinda shit is this,” said another commentor.

“Poor L'il Sebastian. He deserved so much better.”

“This makes my eyes hurt.”

And one commentor even had a valid question about copyrighting:

“Do copyright issues come into play for something like this since they actually used trademarked my little pony items?”

Now we know kink shaming is wrong, but didn't this video go too far? What do you think?