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Country Singer Chase Sansing Celebrates His Gay Pride In MV For "Begins With You"

Country singer Chase Sansing is singing about his past struggles and his current pride as an openly gay man.

In his new single, “Begins With You,” Sansing is talking openly about his life as a gay singer in the world of country music.

“I wrote this song two and a half years ago after coming out,” says Sansing, “After coming out, I felt like I could finally sing the songs I really wanted to sing. I grew up struggling with balancing being a country singer and also being gay because I knew the two didn’t mix that well.”

“I wrote this song specifically to reach out to kids that are like me and are growing up in a small town thinking they are different and that there’s something wrong with them and that it’s a bad thing,” he continues. “I hope this song shows them that it’s not and they are perfect the way they are.”

Going along with that, the music video for the song features Chase Sansing visiting Gay Pride events in Louisville, Chicago, Murfreesboro, and Nashville.

“I began traveling to pride festivals to interview and film people who struggled just like me,” he explains. “It took me two years to finish the project because I wanted to do it right.”

“This song is basically my new start to being the singer I’ve always wanted to be because country music is about singing the truth, and if I’m not singing the truth and what I’m truly feeling then I’m not singing country music.”

You can check out the music video down below.

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Country Singer Donovan Woods Releases Pro-Gay MV & Tells Fans To Be More Tolerant

Singer-songwriter Donovan Woods is working his way into our good graces.

Woods recently released a new music video for his song “Burn that Bridge.” From conservative eyes, the music video is very controversial. The video depicts a gay, interracial couple, who were apparently roommates that fell in love, dancing around, talking, kissing, cuddling, fighting, and even smoking weed.

Then, Woods talked to Billboard to discuss the music video.

“Once he figured out the groundwork of the song’s story -- one of two good friends falling in love with the other -- he felt strongly that it should be represented by a gay couple," said the Billboard writer.

Donovan Woods also shares that its his co-writer, who’s a gay woman, was the person who inspired him to have a gay couple in the music video.

After being asked, “How do you think the folk and country industries and those communities are doing in terms of including more LGBTQ individuals?” Donovan replied, “They’re not doing well at all,” he added that he was “shocked again and again by how slow the progress is in the country world.”

“I think people are still afraid to sort of express their real opinions outwardly for fear of losing fans.”

That said, a new generation of country singers are coming in and shaking the genre up. Woods says its these young singers, like Maren Morris, and Brothers Osbourne, that are going to change things for good.

“These are young people who have grown up in the real world with a realistic view of what 2018 should look like.”

Also, Woods shared that country music’s very basis is the problem. With the genre constantly looking towards the past with lyrics like, “the good ol’ days,” and words against the crazy modern world, country music is ignoring social progress.

“It's all codified language that is dangerous because things were not better in the past. Like, they just weren't. We all know that. They were not better from a social justice standpoint, they were not better for human rights or equality. We all know that.”