Drag Race Thailand

Meet the Hot Pit Crew for “Drag Race Thailand”

The trailer is out for Thailand’s version of RuPaul’s Drag Race (and some blessed soul translated it). Besides seeing some of the queens who will entertain and introduce viewers to the world of drag, there was also a flash of something more.

We now know the faces and names of three Drag Race Thailand Pit Crew members, and we are more than happy to share some of them with all of you.

While it seems that there will be eight Pit Crew boys in the show (and each episode will feature one to three of those boy), we’ve sadly only been introduced to the three below.

But hey, these three are stunners in their own right. No disappointment here.



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'Drag Race Thailand' Promo Video Will Leave You Gagging!

The time has come! After months of anticipation, Drag Race Thailand is revving up those engines. The show that was picked up by the Kantana Group, will premiere on Thailand’s LINETV very soon. The show announced the 10 contestants that will be competing for the crown a couple of weeks ago, but now we have a promo video that has our wigs snatched!

The promo, which is all in Thai, has some catch phrases that we recognize—and some elements that are inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race—including the pit crew ::fans himself and takes a long sip of pink lemonade::.

You can’t help appreciate homages to many great moments from RPDR that have been re-created for the Thai audience.

Even Mama Ru herself agrees:



The show will also be subtitled for English audiences and will be available on the WOW Presents Plus streaming service.

Check out the promo video for Drag Race Thailand:



Will 'Drag Race Thailand' Host Follow RuPaul's Legacy?

We just showed you some behind-the-scenes photos of Thailand’s upcoming production of Drag Race Thailand. But since the Kantana Group Public Co. Ltd purchased the rights to produce their own version of RuPaul’s Drag Race, a lot more has been kept a secret to drag community in Thailand. Based on the photos posted by Piyarat Kaljareuk, VP of Kantana Group, the company will attempt to imitate many of the popular elements of the American reality show—in hopes that it is just as successful.

But one of the biggest keys to the show’s success will be in the host they choose. Is it possible that they have finally found someone who could fill RuPaul’s Thai shoes?

Mama has arrived!

The person who will be in charge of mentoring the drag contestants is Art-Arya, an acclaimed Thai stylist who has studied fashion design in Paris and has worked for fashion house LANVIN.


Working in fashion for over 30 years, Art-Arya, she is now the creative director of the Thai brand, THEATRE. She also continues her passion for fashion by teaching fashion and design.





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She can serve the looks--but will she have what it takes to coach the hopeful drag race contestants? Will she have a signature laugh, key catch phrases like “Don’t fuck it up” “Hey Kitty Girl” and “She Done Already Had Herses”?

Drag Race Thailand is coming soon to LINE TV.