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New Dating App Asks You: "Don't Be A D*ck"

We’ve all felt that rejection at some point in our life. Maybe we are already self-conscious about our weight or the way our hair looks or maybe even our status, but nothing takes the cake quite like coming into contact with prejudice that is disguised as ‘preference’. Sure, we all have types, which is an innate connection to cultural or social norms that have been engrained in us to ‘like’ what we ‘like’. While that’s valid, is it really necessary to give that guy who has taken the time to say hello a big “Get Lost” because he doesn’t meet your standards or criteria in your arsenal demands?

No fats, no femmes, Whites only, no Asians, 25 and under, hairless, negative only—you may be thinking it, but these types of statements create hostility within the LGBTQIA community, further perpetuating stereotypes that so many are working against. If you’re not interested, just ignore, block, swipe left, or try kindly declining before making that one dick move that proves why you are the gem that you are. Preference is one thing, but humiliating or ridiculing others because they don't meet your preferences is a different story.

So if you’re having a hard time with turning down the douche notches, Chappy, a new dating app, may be what you are looking form.

The app seeks to diffuse the disrespect found on dating apps/sites and make the hunt less grueling.

Chappy states:

Introducing The Chappy Pledge, our biggest project since we first launched Chappy. Over the last 10 years, gay dating apps have revolutionised the way our community connects with eachother. Technology has helped us invariably, from meeting likeminded guys just a few feet away, to building networks and making friends in new cities. While these platforms have given us such a convenient space to date and connect, they also provide a screen to hide behind. Sometimes we lose touch of the realities of what we're putting out there. We say things we may not even realise could offend others, and prejudice is disguised as preference. Our incredible and progressive community is pulled backwards in time by anonymous platforms that provide spaces for actions and language that we would never deem acceptable in real life. We did some research into how guys use, view and talk about dating apps and we kind of just thought... Why be a dick to someone when you could just swipe left?

We’ve decided it’s about time that guys loved dating again, so we are taking on unsolicited d••• pics and headless torsos to put faces and people back into dating for the gay community.

A safe, high-quality platform, Chappy is all about gay guys making connections on their own terms, whatever they are looking for...

Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, Chappy gives you ultimate control. You pick a mood, then we show you the guys who are looking for the same thing as you. Find a match and see what happens!

Check out this video and learn more about the Chappy Pledge. Maybe you’ll be up for, maybe you won’t, but at least don’t be a dick.

This video was updated on 11/27/17 without Josh Rivers, previous editor of the Gay Times Magazine--here's why!



Gay Dating App Blued Might Be The Best App In The World

Screenshot / via Bloomberg

There’s a lot of concern around China when it comes to gay content. China is constantly banning or flagging gay content in movies or series like Alien Covenant or Addicted the Web Series.

On top of that, Chinese companies have gotten hold of several gay dating apps and many fear they will ruin these apps.

For instance, earlier this year Grindr was officially bought out by Chinese company Beijing Kunlun Tech. The company had already bought 61.5% of Grindr’s stakes before deciding to buy the rest in May.

Then, a new sugar daddy app called DaddyBear came onto the scene this summer and offended many people for its jargon that ostracizes gay men living with HIV. It turns out that the company behind that app is also from China.

But, what we often forget is that the largest gay app in the world, and possibly the best one, is Chinese based Blued.

Blued is like any other gay app in that it helps gay men meet other gay men. That said, the app also has multiple other features that several apps lack. These features include having a built in news site, entertainment such as gaming, and a live streaming feature where streamers can earn money.

Perhaps the reason this app is so successful and focused on actually bettering the lives of gay men is that it was created by a gay man who wanted to find a way to connect with other gay men.

To find out that story and more, check out the video down below.

Watch "What the Flip?": Grindr's New Web Series About Swapping Profiles

Did you know that Grindr made a web series?

The series, titled What the Flip, is supposed to take a look at what the dating experience is like for different kinds of Grindr users.

The first episode was already released last week and another one is about to come out next week. This pattern will continue every other Thursday until all five episodes have come out.

But what is the series about?

Well, the goal is to approach the topics of racism, ageism, and body shaming in the Grindr user base and the online gay community as a whole.

The first episode, which you can watch below, shows a White man and an Asian man switching profiles and seeing how the other side lives. In addition, host Billy Francesca comments on the situation along with random pedestrians found on the streets of Hollywood.

As INTO editors, the digital lifestyle magazine working with Grindr to create the series, stated, “What the Flip? exposes the way we talk to each other, the good and the bad. But it also reminds us that we’re still human, and that we can do a better job of how we represent ourselves in the mad rush to connect.”

While the episode is simple and short, it is trying to express a higher message and point out a very true and crippling problem with the gay community, so the video is worth a watch.

Again, you can check it out down below.