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Doug Jones Gets Sworn in by Mike Pence & Gay Son Carson Gives Side-Eye

Newly elected Democrat Doug Jones was sworn in this week to his U.S. Senate seat in Alabama. There has been much controversy and buzz around Doug Jones and his election over the overtly homophobic and sexually inappropriate Roy Moore.

But you might have also seen the stories related to his openly gay son Carson. We’ve written about him a couple of times and he has been increasing in popularity on social media networks. Just take his Instagram page, for example, where he posts adorable selfies, social gatherings and his father’s campaign win.

If you follow the cutie on social, you may have seen that his most recent photo depicts his father Doug Jones being sworn into office by none other than Vice President, and homophobic, Mike Pence.



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Carson’s hashtag #nocaptionneeded is definitely appropriate here. You can just see the angst on Pence’s face as Doug Jones smiles from ear to ear awaiting his new position, proudly standing next to his son. A penny for Pence’s thoughts!

Pence has opposed all major LGBT rights initiative and pushed for banning of gay marriage as governor of Indiana. And now as Veep he has the honor of swearing in Doug Jones and his side-eye baby faced son. Congratulations again, Doug! And way to be present, Carson!

Mike Pence's Neighbors Put Up A "Make America Gay Again" Sign

Mike Pence’s neighbors are openly protesting him again.

Last December, Mike Pence and his family were preparing for the move into the Naval Observatory, which has been the official home of the Vice President for years.

While the building was being made ready for them, the Pences rented out a $6,000-a-mouth house in the D.C. neighborhood of Chevy Chase. The neighbors in that area openly protested Pence by hanging up rainbow flags outside their homes.

Now it seems even more of Mike Pence’s neighbors are getting the same idea.

Mike Pence and his wife are spending the week in Aspen, Colorado, but some his neighbors were not happy to see him.

It seems the daughters of the family that live across the street put up a sign saying “Make America Gay Again” in order to mock the VP.

Apparently, the girls were afraid at first of putting the sign up on a stone pillar outside their home because of the police officers and secret service agents standing guard for the Pences.

But, one of the guards told the girls not to worry, “We’re not here to control your free speech rights.”

Despite how some feel about Pence’s politics, no one blames the men and women protecting them. In fact, some neighbors later came out to give the servicemen standing around in the cold some chili and corn muffins.

Pence, of course, has not commented on the sign.

Senate Votes For Healthcare Debate

Senate Republicans took majority vote today in Washington, a vote that now advances the debate to repeal and replace Obamacare.

After having been out during the vote that took place on July 18th, John McCain returned from Arizona to cast his vote.

This resulted in a tied vote that was tallied at 50-Democrats/50-Republicans the tie-breaking vote came from Vice President Mike Pence who voted in favor of the measure. This made the vote 51/50 (I know, the IRONY!). Democrats have been against the bill as they believe it will end health care coverage for millions.

Trump said at a White House news conference

I'm very happy to announce that with zero of the Democrats' votes, the motion to proceed on health care has moved past and now we move forward toward truly great health care for the American people. We look forward to that. This was a big step.

Senators were greeted by a group of protestors shouting “Kill the Bill!” and “Shame” right before the voting began. I imagine it went something like this

The motion to move to debate is now set. Senators will now be able to offer amendments in a “skinny repeal” process which would allow senators to pinpoint specific areas of Obamacare that they would like to change —making it difficult to predict what the final result for healthcare for millions of Americans will look like.