Gay And Bi Men Beware: The Stool Related STI Shigella Is On The Rise

Gay and Bisexual men beware. It looks like Syphilis isn’t the only STD/STI on the rise among us.

New health reports are finding a worrying increase in cases involving an infection called shigella. Shigella causes symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps. Unfortunately, shigella is very contagious and only a few germs found in stool can spread the infection.

If any of you know anything about gay sex, you probably know where we’re going with this. It seems that the increase in the sexual practice of rimming has helped the spread of shigella.

So far, most of these cases have been diagnosed in San Diego, California, but many organizations have put out alerts to all gay men across the globe, according to GayStarNews and GayPopBuzz.

One organization that’s released a statement about this disease is the LGBT Foundation. You can read their full statement down below:

“There has been a recent rise in cases of Shigella among men who have sex with men. If you’re not sure what Shigella is or how to protect yourself, read on!

Shigella is caused by bacteria found in poo (feces) getting in your mouth – which means you can get shigella from rimming, oral sex, or putting your fingers in your mouth after handling used condoms, douches or sex toys

If you have Shigella, you may have an upset stomach including fever, stomach ache, and diarrhea which might have blood in it. These symptoms can last for around a week.

To lower your risk, you can wash your hands, bum and genitals after sex. You could use a dental dams, condoms, and fisting gloves to protect you when having oral sex, fisting, and fingering

You should change condoms between partners, and between anal and oral sex, whether they’re on a penis, hands, or sex toys

Shigella is easily treated with a course of antibiotics so if you think you have Shigella, go to a sexual health (GUM) clinic or your GP and explain your symptoms, saying that you think you may have picked up an infection from sex.”

h/t: GayStarNews, GayPopBuzz

HIV Outbreak In Milwaukee Breaks Records

HIV Outbreak In Milwaukee Breaks Records

Seriously, What Is Going On In Wisconsin?

YIKES! I know – talking about sexually transmitted infections – once known as diseases – is extremely heavy. It’s terrifying to constantly have to remind ourselves of the reality we live in, especially members of the LGBTQ community. I won’t lie, it is always pretty awkward when you’re speaking with someone through a dating app – potentially to just have a quick hook up – and then the talk of past sexual history comes up along with the last time someone was tested. Is it just me, or does it appear that everyone online has been tested “two weeks ago”. I just that answer so often that I now take it as a lie. Was there a line outside my local West Hollywood clinic or something?! Alas, we’re in the day and age of Prep – which is a daily pill that may prevent exposure to HIV. Thus, no one wants to use a condom anymore since people now seemingly believe they’re invincible. The next story I’m about to share with you proves to anyone you should still be using condoms.

According to NewNowNext, there’s a huge increase of HIV, syphilis, or both within the last 3 months in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At least 125 people have been infected this year – including high school students. Like, what the hell is going on in the Midwest?! At least 45% of the newly infected are men – and a dozen are high school students. Authorities believe the number of high school students will rise as more people come forward to get tested.

Well, this is absolutely disturbing and unsettling. Please everyone, stay aware and careful. The fact experts believe this number will increase is horrifying.