Trixie and Katya

Bob the Drag Queen Stepping in for Katya on Viceland

Just last month we talked about famed drag queen Katya Zamolodchikova and her break from drag as she seeks some self-care and hopes to regain her strength. The question on everyone’s minds was “What is going to happen with The Trixie and Katya Show?” which had just been picked up by Viceland. There have been many speculations as to why Katya had decided to take a hiatus, one of them being that she and BFF Trixie Mattel were no longer getting along.

Nothing has been proven or disproven, but after a hilarious start to the first season of The Trixie and Katya Show, we now know what is going to happen now that Katya is taking some much needed R&R.

Bob the Drag Queen, winner of Season 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race will be filling in for Katya and co-hosting until the queen returns.

Bob has appeared on many of World of Wonder’s online series, including his own Bobbin’ Around. A close friend of Trixie’s it makes sense that Bob would take the hot seat since both drag queens share a similar dynamic to Trixie and Katya. Bob even co-hosted the UNHhhh panel with Trixie at Drag Con last year since Katya was unable to be there--and it was hilar!

In an official announcement, Trixie declared:

For the second half of the season, we decided to get someone to make me look even more beautiful. Please welcome Bob the Drag Queen!

And Bob stated:

I am so excited to be guesting. I’m neither Trixie or Katya, but it is Black History Month so…

See? It seems like it’s going to go swimmingly! Bob will jump in as co-host for the last five episodes of The Trixie and Katya Show beginning February 28th.

While Viceland respects Brian McCook (Katya) and gives him his time to collect himself, it’s hard not to think what this means for the essence of the show--and for Katya’s place when she’s ready to return. Will the show lose momentum because Katya is absent? Will Bob come in and steal the seat from Katya and turn it into The Trixie and Bob Show?

We will have to watch and see. What I do know is that there is no way Contact references or giant Thwoorp fans will have meaning as long as Katya is in hiding.

Come back soon, Linda!

Watch Viceland’s announcement here:

Katya Is Taking a Break From Drag!

Katya Zamolodchikova, better known as Katya, Miss Congeniality from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7, finalist from RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars Season 2 and co-star of the hit Viceland Show The Trixe and Katya Show has gone on Instagram to make a very important announcement that has left fans gasping.

Brian McCook, the artist behind Katya, went live on Instagram to share that after a lot of working, he is taking a break from drag to focus on himself and his mental health.



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On RPDR, we learned that Katya had struggled with substance abuse and mental health in the past so this possibly comes at a time when he needs it the most.

I was witness to Katya’s incredible work ethic when I met the queen at a meet & greet late last year. Katya hosted an amateur drag competition where at one point she jumped on stage and did multiple drops to splits to Read U Wrote U. After all of that, Katya met and took photos with hundreds of fans until the wee hours of the night—interacting with every single one like only she knows how to do! No wonder he drinks all that Coke (the soda, not the drug).

Katya took to social media speaking only in French—as only a unique artist would.

Here is a translation of what her message had to say:

Hi, it's Katya. This is a message transmitted in French, if you're not French this is not going to make any sense to you.

In French, I'm going to talk about David Lynch, and also about my health.

There is no emergency, there is no emergency. But I needed to take a little break. It was time to take a vacation, because my health, the drugs, my brain, that wasn't good.

If you're French, this will make perfectly sense.

I speak French, but I never have the opportunity to practice speaking French because I'm always busy, I'm always working. I work a lot.

But I am not crazy, you understand of course. I'm a language student first, an artist second, a drag queen third. Health is the most important thing for me.

You have to understand me. In the future, I need to take more vacations, I'm a person, I'm a human. You need to hear me.

Right now, this is not a crisis. I'm taking a vacation for me. I need to take a vacation. The sun is there, I'm happy. My health is here, I'm happy.

I'm telling you this with a sense of urgency. I'm not dying. Let me tell you the truth. I'm not dying, I want to live. I'm a drug addict, but I'm sober. Today, and yesterday. And before. But I need to take a vacation, because I want to survive, like Gloria Gaynor.

I'm not arrogant, I'm intelligent.

I'm ok. I'm not dying because I want to live.

But I need to take vacations, like a normal person. The people who are listening will understand, can understand. And that's all I wanted to say, that's all. In French, because it's the language of knowledge. All languages are languages of knowledge, but I speak in French because I need to speak slowly to speak correctly.

I don't have a drug crisis right now, because I'm sober. I'm taking care of myself today. And that is the reason why I'm happy. But I need to choose carefully the projects that will not ... you understand.

The most important is that I keep coming back.

I speak French because it's a language I understand fluently, better than Russian, Spanish, and Japanese. That's all.

In French, I need to say, I'm human. That's all. It's a joke for Americans, for French people, it's not.

I love French, I've always loved French. I learned French because I love French. Today, right now, I tell you "bonjour."

But I need to take a vacation because I'm tired, I'm exhausted, my brain doesn't work anymore, because of the drugs, because of all the gigs, I believe you understand. We'll see, and I wish you a good day. Bye bye.

Wishing Brian a lot of rest during this time off—we can’t wait to see a re-energized, re-born Katya when you’re ready!


I am fit. I am also a vulnerable being. #provocativewoman @thedragseries

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