Las Vegas Is Getting Ready To Have The World's Biggest Orgy

Want to take part in the world’s biggest orgy? Your chance is coming up, but there’s a pretty big catch.

A group of sex enthusiasts called Menage Life has announced that they're taking a shot at the record for the largest orgy in the world. The current record hold is from 2006 when 500 people (250 women and 250 men) got it on in Tokyo.

Now, Menage Life says it can do better.

“We will blow that number out of the water,” reads the Menage Life website. “We are anticipating 1,000-plus [participants] for this monumental event. This is Sin City after all.”

Right now, Menage Life is hoping that 1,000 people will show up to their event on June 2 at the Sin City 8 adult hotel in Las Vegas. But, their location might have made the rules too restrictive to hit that mark.

As Las Vegas Weekly reports, participants have to pay in order to take part. The actual event itself is free, but a pass into the hotel (which you must have to participate in the event) costs money. Couples have to pay $200 and single women have to pay $25. As for single men, they’re not invited.

But what about gay couples? Neither Menage Life nor Sin City 8 mentions any inclusion or exclusion of them. Theoretically, gay couples could sign up and just play with their partners while the two hour orgy goes on. Then if any other couples consent to swingers play, the fun can expand.

On that note, consent is mandatory at the event. If anyone is caught trying to force sex on anyone else, patrolling security guards will come around and kick the offenders out.

Also, tickets come with access to complimentary condoms, towels, lube, hand sanitizer, optional masks, and more.

So, get yourself a female friend to sneak you in or see if male couples are accepted and buy your ticket to Last Vegas in June, because it looks like the world’s biggest orgy is getting ready to let loose.

h/t: Las Vegas Weekly