10 Men Sue Alexander Wang Over Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Alexander Wang and David Casavant. / Images via Ed Kavishe, Fashion Wire Press (CC), and Instagram @davidcasavant

After several allegations of sexual misconduct emerged in December, ten men have decided to take the issue to court.

According to “the New York Times,” Lisa Bloom, the same lawyer who represented Kathy Griffin during the backlash of the Trump head photo and represented Harvey Weinstein, is representing the ten men. Only one of the men has revealed his identity, 30-year-old David Casavant. Cassavant is a fashion stylist who worked and partied with Wang.

In an interview with “The NY Times,” Casavant claimed that Wang pulled down his pants and underwear at the Brooklyn Club Good Room in January 2017 with the alleged intention of humiliating the stylist. Casavant then noted that he decided to reveal his identity as an act of defiance to victim blamers.

“I didn’t like the idea that people could be branded as liars who weren’t,” Casavant told “The Times.” “I didn’t feel a necessary response from the fashion industry about it. Which I can understand — I get it, they were mainly anonymous, so that’s fine.”

He then shared, “But here I am. I’m sitting in front of you. I’m saying who I am. I’m not anonymous anymore.”

According to NextShark, Eric M. George denied Casavant’s claims stating that they were an “irrefutable yearslong personal animus toward Mr. Wang.”

The accusations surrounding Alexander Wang began back in December when model Owen Mooney responded to a fan question on TikTok about his weirdest celebrity experience. Mooney responded by talking about the time he was groped by an unnamed fashion designer.

“By weird, I guess, being sexually assaulted by one counts, right?” Mooney replied in the TikTok video. “Because in 2017, I was in a club in New York City, and me and a bunch of mates, we went to watch the rapper Cupcake. And the club was just hectic, it was so packed, you could not move, and I was by myself at one point and this guy next to me obviously took advantage of the fact that no one could f**king move. And he just started touching me up, fully up my leg, in my crotch, it made me freeze completely because I was in so much shock. And then I looked to my left to see who it was and it was this really famous fashion designer and I just couldn’t believe that he was doing that to me, it made me go into even more shock. It was really f**ked up, and I just had to slowly move myself away.”


#stitch with @katiefornia oh yeh the time a celeb was groping my dick in the club 🥴 #fyp #foryoupage

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After fans later correctly guessed that the designer in question was Alexander Wang, and some shared similar stories, Mooney confirmed Wang’s identity and stated that Wang must be stopped.

”So I thought in the previous video, the better thing to do was just to not mention any names, but this comment surprised me just because they actually got it right and turns out, Alexander Wang is a massive sexual predator, and there’s been a load of people he’s done this to,” Owen Mooney said in his December 12 post. “So, in that case, he needs to be exposed. It’s just really f**cked up that people with this type of status, they think that their power gives them this type of pass to be able to do this to people, but it’s so wrong, and now, anytime I would see his name mentioned or I see him with celebrities that are best friends, it just reminds me of what he did and it’s just a really f**ked up memory to have, so he just needs to be cancelled.”


Reply to @hannah_mantanna yep, Alexander Wang is a sexual predator, pass it on #fyp #foryoupage

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Several other models then came forward, in open and anonymous statements, to share similar stories about Alexander Wang. For instance, trans model Gia Garison said that Alexander Wang exposed her genitals while at a Holy Mountain party at Slake in February 2017.

“He tried to pull my panties down and expose my genitals in the VIP area.” She said. “It was just another night and then I remember being introduced to Alexander Wang and then chatting to him. I just remember dancing around and he was chilling with his posse and then reached for my bikini bottoms I was wearing and tried to tug them downwards.”

“I said: ‘What are you doing, what the fuck,’ and stepped away,” Garison added. “I didn’t make much of it in the moment because I was just in club mode and tried to let things brush off my shoulder and not ruin my night … I’ve done many shoots where they’ve wanted to put me in his clothing since and I’ve just said no.”

Despite the many allegations against him, Wang and his team have yet to take any legal action. But now, legal action has come after him.

Source: New York Times, NextShark, Independent,

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