13 Reasons Why Season 2 Premiere!


The Queerest Show Heads Back To Netflix!

#YAS! Okay, so I'm incredibly excited for the long-anticipated return of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why! We're you one of the many who were gagged by the first season last year? I was honestly glued to my television, er, laptop, the moment I tuned into episode one. For a quick recap, the series, produced by powerhouse millennial, Selena Gomez, revolves around the tragic suicide of a teenage girl whose friends and frenemies led to her ultimate demise. The series caused quite a stir on social media, most notably for allegedly romanticizing suicide, but if you can understand the fiction behind the story: You're in for an absolute treat.

What truly makes the show unique aside from its incredible writing and pressing buttons of parents everywhere is having one of the queerest casts in current television. Most notably, Sam Smith's new boyfriend, Brandon Flynn, plays a heterosexual, bad boy and Tommy Dorfman portrays a sassy, flamboyant teenager. I'm pretty certain more of the cast is due to come out: Twinks Dylan Minnette and Miles Heizer are seemingly steps away from coming out themselves. On top of the cast who is actually out, there's still loads of eye candy in the form of fellow series regulars, Christian Navarro (Who plays an openly gay jock), Brandon Larracuente, and Ross Butler. While we are all starry-eyed over the men, there must be plenty of scene chewing moments from the fantastic, Kate Walsh, and the recently deceased titular character, Katherine Langford– recently of Love, Simon fame. 

Bring on more of the queer story lines, more of the drama, and especially…more of the eye candy! Who doesn't like to see a bunch of twinks running a muck?! Count me in!

We've been waiting a year…but we're almost crossing the finish line! The second season of 13 Reasons Why premieres on May 18th – only on Netflix. Where will you be tuning in? 

Check out the teaser trailer below!


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