15 and Gay: Rising Teen Rapper Kidd Kenn Celebrates A Fantastic 2018

Chicago’s raising a future rap king.


15-year-old Kidd Kenn is becoming popular in the rap genre and praised for his young age and also the fact that he’s openly gay.

Kenn was praised earlier this year after he premiered two freestyle singles on Souncloud titled ”Gummo” and “Slide Remix,” according to Paper Mag.

The original lyrics by Kenn, with lines like “It's a faggot party baby you cannot get in,” were uncensored and unapologetically queer.

Kenn’s music has since gained the attention of music listeners and artists alike. Bisexual singer Kehlani, whose performance at Los Angeles Pride 2018 sold out the event, has expressed her good impression of the young hopeful and even invited him to perform on stage during San Francisco Pride.


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Then, Kenn’s full-length album Childish came out and is enhanced with features from local Chicago talent like Queen Key and Kati Got Bandz.

Kenn then later performed at the Red Bull Music Festival in Chicago, a moment which he reflected on with Paper Mag.


“I was very excited. It was something that I had never done before — perform a festival. I was very excited. They're all my friends and family. The people I choose to have on stage with me, I know for a long time. A couple of them I grew up with or just kept a very strong relationship with. It's a very strong relationship. They support me and they wanna be there. If they wanna be there, I wanna make sure they're there because they're my biggest supporters. They've been with me since the beginning.”






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Congratulations to Kidd Kenn on having such a great 2018, we hope to see more of you in the future.

h/t: Paper Magazine

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