17-Year-Old Apprehended in German Near Bombing

German officials are reporting that an attack on a gay club and a Catholic church were thwarted near Frankfurt, Germany. The alleged bomber was a 17-year-old and apprehended on September 1stby Hesse State Police based on information provided by the United States.


According to this US data, the suspect had picked out the two targets but has not elaborated on specific locations. At this time, the suspect has also not been named.

This suspect was also in possession of instructions to create triacetone triperoxide (TATP) and was looking to acquire sources for the chemicals to create more.

TATP is known as a popular explosive among terrorists because the chemicals needed to create it are fairly easy to obtain.

German officials have no elaborated on how long the suspect had been preparing the explosive but did find small amounts of the chemicals needed to create TATP in their home. The suspect lived in Florstadt, around 35 kilometers from Frankfurt.


This is not the first time German officials have worked with US intelligence to stop an attack like this. Most notably, they cooperated to stop an attempted bombing in 2007 at the Ramstein Air Base in Rhineland-Palatinate.

The story is still developing.

h/t: lgbtqnation.com, flagco.uk

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  1. Not the first time in Europe

    Not the first time in Europe that major terror attacks against gay venues have been thwarted (Paris; Barcelona..).


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