19-Year-Old Allegedly Beat a Gay Man, After They Used Crack

When 50-year-old Otoni Eliseu was given a chance to stay in the basement of the Philadelphia Baptist Church in Framingham, Massachusetts little did he know that he would soon be faced with being held captive and being tortured. Eliseu, who was battling with substance abuse, was allowed to stay in the basement until he could get back on his own two feet.

During his stay in the basement apartment, Eliseu met Jackson Sugrue with whom he’d been ‘hanging out’ with for a couple of weeks. Last week, the two decided to engage in using crack which made the 19-year-old Sugrue become violent.

For four days Sugrue held Eliseu captive, beating him, starving him, and shouting homophobic slurs at him.

According to Metro West Daily News, prosecutor Dylan Krasinski shared:

(The alleged victim) tried to leave, but the defendant wouldn’t let him leave the apartment. He (Sugrue) took his phone away and wouldn’t let him leave. The victim was afraid if he tried to leave he would be hurt or killed. He said the defendant is a dangerous man.

He (Sugrue) kept saying, ‘I know you like me. I know you’re gay.’ He kept saying it over and over. The victim believes this is what led to the assault.

After days of being beaten, Eliseu managed to escape and shout for his life. When police arrived they found Eliseu bloody and full of bruises and scratches. Eliseu shared that Sugrue had taken advantage of him by borrowing money and buying things.

Sugrue was charged with a hate crime, assault, and battery with a deadly weapon, assault and battery and intimidation of a witness.

Sugrue’s attorney claims that he was the one being taken advantage of by Eliseu saying he was enticing him to do things that were ‘against his nature’.

Sugrue’s mother, Terry Sugrue, said:

My son is a victim of a 50-year-old man. This is someone we tried to help. He became obsessed with my son.

Terry said she and her husband had also tried to assist Eliseu by buying him dishes.

Sugrue was released on $1,000 bail and is due back in court on August 1st for a pretrial conference. He has been ordered to stay away from Eliseu.

Here’s another report from the Boston 25 News:

h/t: Boston 25 News, Metro West Daily News

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