19-Year-Old Needs Permission From Anti-LGBTQ Gaetz?

Nestor Galban and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL)
Nestor Galban and Rep. Matt Gaetz (image via Twitter)

Spring break madness is currently trending in the news cycle as thousands of students make a pilgrimage to Florida beach towns where there are little-to-no COVID restrictions.

During an appearance on Fox News last night, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told Sean Hannity he’d “allowed” his “son” Nestor to head to Panama Beach, Florida.


“My son is a college freshman,” said Gaetz. “He had no real graduation, no prom, and I struggled with whether or not to allow him to enjoy spring break at Panama City beach. I allowed him to have an abbreviated one.”

He added that he “did not have a good night’s rest the entire time he was there until I knew he was safe, okay, and back at school.”


Now, the remark drew attention primarily because Nestor Galban is not Gaetz’s son.

Galban is the younger brother of an ex-girlfriend of Gaetz. The 19-year-old has apparently been living with the congressman on-and-off since he was 12.

While Gaetz refers to Galban as his “son,” he’s never adopted him.

The relationship came to light last year when after a clash during a hearing in Congress, Gaetz announced Nestor to the world as his son.


Gaetz had never mentioned to the public he has a “son,” and had only referred to Galban in the public as a “local student,” “helper,” and “House page.” Never as a “family” member.


Look, if the 38-year-old Gaetz wants to have a younger boo, that’s fine as long as he’s of legal age. What isn’t cool, though, is voting against legislation like the Equality Act.

Gaetz also told Hannity’s viewers that people should feel free to “come to Florida and enjoy freedom.” He added that folks could go out to eat, get in some beach time and “get a little weird, not too weird.”

Asked to define “weird,” Gaetz explained, “Maybe a little body-paint here and there, maybe throw some beads, but don’t hurt anybody.”


Body-paint and beads. Good times…

At nearly 20-years-old, it seemed a bit odd to some that Galban would need permission from Gaetz to be “allowed” to spring break somewhere.

Many in the Twitterverse thought it a bit odd as well.








5 thoughts on “19-Year-Old Needs Permission From Anti-LGBTQ Gaetz?”

  1. I hope young Mr. Galban will get away from this creepy guy, and on to college finding anonymity if he wants it, along with safety, self respect and success in his new country. Folks, he’s 19 years old!

    I hope he isn’t forever tied to Mr. Gaetz through no fault of his own. If he makes a different choice, then he’ll have to face what comes to him.

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  3. Something about how Matt is leading his life doesn’t smell good.
    Matt has some type of sexual addiction and/or mental health
    dysfunction. He needs to back off, let go of a “son”, who is anything
    but a son, an engagement that sounds shaky, and get some help.

    • You ppl. Are so racist. If this was a man whore like P.Clinton. or was for ripping babies out of ppl. There would be not a word.
      But let someone take the role of a parent from a parent that could careless there is something wrong with him??? Let a man become a woman or the other way around they are fine. If there is anything wrong with any one its ppl. Like you . !!


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