1st He Wants A Gay Purge & Now He “Leans Homosexual?”

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From allegedly calling for gays to be exterminated to saying you “lean towards being homosexual?”

According to BBC News, 23-year-old student Andrew Dymock is on trial at the Old Bailey and is charged with 15 terrorism and public order offenses. Dymock is being accused of being the author of a viral homophobic article, being a member of banned neo-Nazi groups System Resistance Network and Sonnenkrieg Division, and using the System Resistance Network’s website to spread homophobic/Nazi propaganda.


The content Dymock allegedly spread included a 2017 article called “homosexuality: the eternal social menace. Prosecutors claim Andrew Dymock allegedly wrote the article which states that gay people “are simply degenerate and must be purged from society for the greater good.”

Another video from SRN encouraged people to “join your local Nazis” while depicting masked men performing the Nazi salute and a pumpkin with a Swastika cut into it placed outside a Cardiff police station.


But now, Dymock is claiming to be queer himself.

As Dymock told the jury in a recent hearing, he identifies as “bisexual but lean[s] toward being homosexual.”

In addition, Dymock denies all of his charges. This includes five charges of encouraging terrorism, two of funding terrorism, stirring up racial hatred and hatred based on sexual orientation, four counts of disseminating terrorist publications, possessing a terrorist document, and possessing racially inflammatory material.

Dymock has also denied that the phrase Blitz8814, which was found in an email address used by Dymock, references Adolf Hitler. The number 1488 is known as a neo-Nazi code because it combines the white supremacist slogan “14 words” and “Heil Hitler.” In addition, H is the eighth letter of the alphabet.


In response to this claim, Andrew Dymock told detectives,  “I know 88 means Heil Hitler…but basically to me it means Hulk Hogan or Hell Hoxsa, you know the Albanian Communist guy.”

He added: “14, uh, my birthday is due on the 14th and obviously 1488 is that thing.”

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But according to the Times of Israel, the evidence against Andrew Dymock is substantial. That even includes an email thread with Dymocks mother, Stella Dymock. The prosecution presented email correspondence from December 2017 between Andrew, who lives with his parents in Bath, Somerset, and Stella. In these emails, Stella asks her son about “Alt-right and feminists.” The mother had heard that some feminists were appropriating alt-right viewpoints. She then asked her son if he agreed.


Andrew Dymock responded, “I’m not part of the alt-right. I hate the alt-right as much as I hate the left.”

He went on: “The only true form of feminism is found within the fascist worldview. I believe that Hitler was the greatest feminist of all time.”

Again, Andrew Dymock denies all the charges and claims against him. That’s despite the fact that many of the videos used in the trial’s evidence were found on his home computer.

The trial continues.

Source: BBC News, Times of Israel, WalesOnline,

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