20 Year Old Has A Sweet Spot For Sugar Daddy 36 Years His Senior

Use what you’ve got, to get what you want!


But to put it in sweeter terms, Sugaring – the relationship between a younger person and a much older, established, and wealthier person, has been around since the 17th Century, according to Wikipedia.

While it may not be for everyone, sugar dating is very much still a real thing to this day. And there’s a slew of sugar babies that have been open and honest about their experiences with sugar “providers.” One of those sugar babies that’s helping to keep this source of easy income alive and well is 20 year old Xavior.

Xavior, who lives in South, Texas – is dating a sugar daddy 36 years his senior. The two met on the popular dating app Grindr. And here we were thinking that Grindr was only suitable for instant (no strings attached) gratification. While I’m not certain if it was love at first sight, the relationship was compelling enough for Xavior to drop out of college to live a life of “leisure” with his new Grindr match.


According to LADbible, Xavior receives an allowance of $1,500 a month and all of his expenses paid (including rent and bills). He must be one really sweet sugar baby, considering the two have not consummated their relationship yet.

“Our arrangement was centered more around an emotional connection…I didn’t want to give it up easily and him leave me.”

Now, while I’m sure the dynamics of each sugar dating relationship is different, be it a relationship centered more around companionship or one that’s more transactional – it’s pretty incredible that Xavior was able to secure such a generous sugar daddy without ever having to have sex with him.


“He got frustrated in the beginning because I wouldn’t even allow him to touch my hand or hug me so I started to loosen up…we are very intimate now but still have not had sex. That time will come.”

The anonymous sugar daddy, now divorced from his ex-wife – moved in with Xavior into his apartment. Xavior claims they decided to move in together so that they could focus on their relationship and life together.


The 20-year old also told LADbible that he will focus on college “later” but he’s having “fun” at the moment. Xavior admits that being spoiled in such a way is turning him into a “monster” and making him a lot more high maintenance – yet still, the two never get into any type of fights or disagreements.

“He makes my life easier so I don’t mind having him around. We work well together, never argue. Well, he never argues with me.”

Well, it sounds like the young college drop out has mastered the art of being a sugar baby. Maybe Xavior is one hell of a dinner date or perhaps he keeps an immaculate home? Either way, the two are seemingly happy in their mutually beneficial relationship. Xavior even has plans for their future, saying he plans on letting his 56 year old sugar daddy finally “hit it for his birthday”. Such a thoughtful gift.


Do you think Xavior’s relationship with his 56-year old boyfriend is a match made in sugar dating heaven? Would you consider dipping your toes into the sugar dating pool?

Sources:  LADbible , Wikipedia

All images courtesy of Xavior’s Instagram account.

19 thoughts on “20 Year Old Has A Sweet Spot For Sugar Daddy 36 Years His Senior”

  1. I’m curious why Instinct even posted this article, it’s written in such a way that it almost sounds like they’re celebrating Xavier. As an older single gay male, this does nothing but add to the gay stereotype that a dollar sign is all we’re worth to the community. I can’t think of anything more demeaning than to be desperate enough to continually cater to a narcissistic young man like this. He clearly thinks he’s quite the catch and seems to have no idea whatsoever that there’s really nothing in the least bit attractive about him.

  2. This dude sounds like a total & complete ass. A lazy, good for nothing, self centered, self absorbed, self obsessed, “give me everything even though I’ve done absolutely nothing”, Kartrashian wannabe who was looking for someone wealthy to take care of him while he does abso-f**king-lutely NOTHING in return for it. He so insanely self absorbed he says he’s going to “let him ‘hit it’ for his birthday” — as if that’s some sort of special treat. He does not have a “sweet spot” for THE MAN 36 years his senior, he’s got a sweet spot for THE BANK ACCOUNT the man 36 years his senior has!!! To each their own, and I know/have known many, many couples (gay & straight) that had age differences – some fairly significant, I don’t care about that. This guy just from what he’s said in this interview shows he has no interest in this man whatsoever in any way whatsoever other than what he can get out of an older, wealthy man.

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  4. Go for it, because once he get fed up snd see some one more younger and less high maintenance your luck will run out, and with no education behind you … you will have to start front he bottom again

  5. He sounds like a thirteen year old girl who wants to be a Kardashian. He is a prostitute and that is fine, but my Lord… be that “whore with a heart of gold,” not a bitch.

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  9. It’s an “equal power relationship” when:
    1. Both parties are of legal age
    2. Neither is under duress from the other or outside party
    3. Each has something the other wants – a quid pro quo

    Such arrangements have been the stuff of heterosexual relationships for all of recorded history, and it’s not out of the question that an older person could be attractive sexually and romantically to another person of any legal age. Kind of insulting, actually, to imply that an older person couldn’t POSSIBLY be attractive unless he is loaded with cash.

    My own grandparents were more than 20 years apart in age, and remained married for over 50 years. Similar age differences occurred in the marriages of all their eight respective siblings, all of whom remained married for life. Yet not one of their children, who married people their own age managed to have a successful marriage, including my own parents, who divorced after 9 years.

    The relationship in this article may or may not last, and if I were to have a relationship with a person that much younger than me, it could never be for money. I’d rather go without. However, it’s not for me to judge how this couple achieve happiness with each other. Best of luck to them both.

  10. He’s got two more years on us than my husband and I. We’ve been married going on 4 years and known each other or 5 1/2 yrs and 34 years age difference is not an issue at all. We know many many generational Gay couples all very happy. Love is Love.

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