200 People Rallied To Say No To Bullying At High School

Garrett McCann, is a 14-year old who attends York High School in York, Maine. Over the summer he came out as gay. Since the school year started he has been bullied by "four or five or six people." His older brother, Julie McCann, stood up to the bullies in what is being called a physical altercation last week, and was charged with assault.

In response to this, more than 200 people from the school rallied on Monday to show their support for all LGBT students and protest the charges. The students wore rainbows and carried signs saying "You Are Beautiful" and "Love is Love."

They also issued an statement on Monday: "We are standing out here today to rally for EVERYONE being bullied, to spread a positive message of gay pride, to stand for the LGBTQ+ community and to bring awareness to hate crimes."

Garret McCann said of the rally and in response to his bullies, "They’re definitely outnumbered. I mean I don’t even know some of these people, and here they are.”

The rally has brought the issue of the allegations of assault to the forefront. McCann reports that the school didn't take his reports of bullying serious and that he was told he didn't go through the proper channels.

Because the individual involved is a juvenile, there wasn't many forthcoming details from the school or police. 

Principal Karl Fancis said of the rally from the students that it "signified a statement of unity and respect." Speaking to the assault allegations, "The narrative in the news is not an accurate reflection of recent events. A student was assaulted and an investigation is currently underway." He did admit that they were looking it under the new light that the actions taken were a "retaliatory measure."

Seniors have rallied to host an assembly on bullying, saying it will be better coming from them.

It's great to see students stand up for their peers and against bullying to make a difference at their school. 


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  1. First of all, the older

    First of all, the older brother is not Julie, the mother is Julie. I live in the area   and I applaud the courage of a 14 year old coming out, but there is more to this story than is represented here. 


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