2006’s ‘Boy Culture’ Is Back for a Super Steamy Sequel!

The 2006 film ‘Boy Culture’ returns for a TV series sequel, and original stars Derek Magyar and Darryl Stephens are reprising their roles as X and Andrew, respectively.

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The synopsis of ‘Boy Culture: Generation X’ via Attitude reads:

“More than a decade after the events of the first film, Boy Culture: Generation X finds X (Magyar) and Andrew (Stephens), the on-again, off-again couple, now both 40, broken up and tensely sharing a home out of financial necessity.

When X attempts to plunge back into his previous job as a sex worker, he’s in for a rude awakening — he’s no longer the flavor of the month, and the entire industry has been transformed by changing attitudes, online platforms, and PrEP. X reluctantly turns to a bratty Gen Z twink named Chayce (Jason Caceres) to guide him back into the business.”

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In the trailer, we can see how Magyar’s character struggles to adapt to the changes of his job as a male escort. Him and his ex-partner Andrew can also be seen exploring love, sex and relationships in the modern dating scene.

Moreover, co-writer Matthew Rettenmund noted that the sequel addresses various themes, including race, age-gap issues, safe sex, bisexuality, and social media. ‘Boy Culture: Generation X is now available for streaming on YouTube, Amazon U.S./U.K., Google, Samsung, Apple, and Roku, among other platforms via Dekkoo.

You can watch the official trailer here:

Source: attitude.co.uk

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  1. This was a great gay movie back in the day. I hope they don’t ruin it by “updating” it like some other gay shows have done and failed. There’s nothing wrong with making gay shows for gay men without forcing the added nonsense.


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