2024 Will Be The Year of Alan Ritchson’s Body

Photo Credit: @AlanRitchson on Instagram

I highlighted this hunk in December 2023, and now the rest of the world is following suit! 

Alan Ritchson, age 41, is heating up… well, everything… from Instagram to streaming services to Men’s Health Magazine. The action star originally hailing from North Dakota is currently the cover story for the editorial’s March-April issue. It’s currently on sale now, so go pick up an issue and… read it…

Photo Credit: @MensHealthMagazine on Instagram

Ritchson has always had an enviable body. Millions of media fans have seen it on display, whether on the big or small screen, with his roles in The Hunger Games, Fast and the Furious, Smallville and Titans

The bulking hottie is currently playing the role of Jack Reacher in the hit Amazon Prime series Reacher, which is in the midst of filming season 3 and based on the book series by Lee Child. 

And the issue of Men’s Health Magazine focuses in on how the rising actor put on 30 pounds of muscle mass for the show. 

Photo Credit: @MensHealthMagazine

He tells the editorial:

I eat the hell whatever I want. When I go into that gym, I’m like, ‘I deserve to die for how I’ve eaten,’ so I’m going to try to work myself to death. What I would love to find in my life is a balance, where I kind of eat healthy and then don’t have to work quite as hard.

While I don’t necessarily agree with “working out to death,” I do believe that people who work hard on their personal fitness should be entitled to a few cheat days. Or, at least that’s how I was when I used to run marathons. 

Photo Credit: @AlanRitchson on Instagram

It’s the face card, the muscles, the fame, the resume and… the grey sweatpants. Alan Ritchson isn’t gay, but god damn – can we all agree he’s just about perfect? 

(source: Men’s Health Magazine)

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