3 Smoking Hot Actors Who Showed It All in 2018

It’s not too uncommon for a variety of actors to go full-frontal anymore. This sort of thing started many moons ago, when Richard Gere in American Gigolo kicked off the trend for men to drop trou for a role that they were playing. Since then, many A-list hunks like Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell have exposed their goods for all to see, giving many of us the opportunity to get an up and close look at the men we admire in more ways than one.

2018 saw no shortage of incredibly handsome actors going full-on naked on camera, whether it was for a music video or a movie that became available to view in the theaters/streaming services. Take a look at 3 in particular who made headlines for showing it all off.

Adam Devine. The Pitch Perfect star got completely naked for a Netflix film that he did called Game Over, Man. He revealed to Thrillist that the scene that showed his frank n’ beans was real, where the behind-the-scenes people asked him if he wanted to use a prosthetic but opted against it. Good choice.

Chris Pine. Fans freaked out when they found out that Chris’ “Pine” would be on display in the Netflix series Outlaw King. It’s something that he joked about while appearing on The Graham Norton Show recently, saying “It’s kind of the whole shebang, man,” when Graham asked on whether viewers would see his front or back side.

Jay Mohr. The SNL alum shocked everyone when he decided to go full-frontal for a Logan Lynn music video. Released back in September, the clip for Logan’s song “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” features the New Jersey native in the buff, and this isn’t just a split-second kind of thing that Chris and Adam did. More on that here.

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  1. I would hardly call Adam’s

    I would hardly call Adam's scene split second. He runs around quite a bit and you see him his dick/balls/ass quite a bit from different perspectives. It's a silly scene, but still kinda hot. 


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