30th Anniversary Gay Cruise Makes Emergency Return To Port In Miami

The 30th Anniversary voyage of RSVP's Caribbean Cruise had to make an emergency stop in the port of Miami today.  Reports coming in from friends on the cruise are that there was a drug overdose on board.  One report is that two people overdosed last night and collapsed on the dance floor.  As stated this is has not been released by RSVP (they could not be reached for a comment), but reports from friends are that one did not survive. Once again, these are not confirmed as of yet, but the ship did come back to Miami today due to a medical emergency.  We do wish the best for all.

From a friend today, "Adam, they just made an announcement this morning that there was a medical emergency and we were heading to Miami."   Others stated the cruise ship was escorted back to harbor by two helicopters and a US Coast Guard ship.


We will let you know when we hear more. 

What have you heard?


The cruise was intended to go from Fort Lauderdale to Cozumel, then to George Town, and to Princess Cay before returning to Fort Lauderdale on Sunday, February 15th.  It is expected to resume its journey later today.

UPDATE : Feb 13, 2015

According to SouthFloridayGayNew.com there were no deaths on the cruise, but 2 passengers had to be taken off the ship in Miami due to medical reasons.  For more, go to SouthFloridaGayNews.com

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  3. Whenever a cruise ship with

    Whenever a cruise ship with nearly 4,000 passengers returns to port, it is newsworthy. It is out of the ordinary and that's what comprises news. The fact that it's a gay cruise is essentially irrelevant but of unique interest to a gay publication. For my part, I see it as a sad commentary that there are any people, gay or straight, who would risk arrest, their own lives and the safety and comfort of  five thousand people (including the crew) to take drugs aboard a cruise ship. That's simply irresponsible.

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  5. According to friends on board

    According to friends on board and a posting on the cruises' FB page, a few minutes ago (around 5:10 EST on 2/10/15): "The ship should be departing from Miami in about 30 minutes. Waiting for a harbor pilot to come aboard. Slight modification of the itinerary (thanks Captain!) and all the scheduled stops will be hit in the order they were supposed to be hit."


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