33 Hot Photos of Hunter Harden to Celebrate His 33rd Birthday

Hunter Harden‘s career has been rapidly expanding for several years now. He’s so well-liked in the LGBTQ community that celebs like RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni Trixie Mattel and Ginger Minj have publicly stated that he’s their biggest Instagram crush. And rightfully so.

The Salt Lake City mainstay has been heating up the interwebs for such a long time with his unbelievably amazing good looks. He’s also become an advocate for people who suffer from cluster migraines, which he has been dealing with ever since the age of 8.

On a more positive note, the super sexy (and openly gay) hunk just turned 33 earlier this week. So why not celebrate with 33 of his most amazingly sexy photos. Take a look and drool away.


OK, so we’re going to cheat a little bit to make it to 33 as all those embedded Instagram shots might be a little too much to add into one article. To see more of how hot Hunter is, check out his Instagram here or look below for the other 27 we owe you, our readers.


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