5 Great Reasons to See Lady Gaga in ‘A Star in Born’

It seems as if every movie I’ve seen over the past couple of months includes the trailer for A Star is Born, the upcoming Drama/Musical starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Whereas it’s coming across as a bit force-fed at this point for many of us to see due to it being in the coming attractions of all types of movies out there, there are still a ton of great points that makes this writer excited to see it.


Full disclosure: I am a Gaga FAN, not a STAN. Meaning I don’t scream “YAS GAGA YAS!”, at everything she does. I enjoy her music, her creative point of view, what she’s done for the gay community and much more. But I still see both sides of the coin with who she is overall to where I can accurately point out what I think are her good points and bad. The Fame Monster: Stellar. Artpop: Meh. Joanne: Bye. See?

I’ve seen the trailer enough and have heard a ton about the content of this movie to really get an understanding of what will happen. She plays the young singer and actress trying to find fame, Bradley plays a successful artist dealing with his own downwards spiral who has a chance meeting with her and madness ensues. Will it go deeper than what’s been presented on the surface? I think so, and that’s why these five reasons are why you should go see it.

Don’t just go because Bradley Cooper is hot


We are all aware of how attractive he is, and a lot of my friends are jonesing to see this as he’s coming across more “rugged” then he has in his past roles (my pals are bears FYI). If anything, Bradley is the backdrop to what this movie is supposed to be about: Gaga and her potential transition into movie star. So, enjoy the Oscar nominee for his looks and talents in this, but don’t buy the ticket because of it.

Let’s not forget that Gaga has won a Golden Globe

I saw her on American Horror Story as The Countess and Scathach back in 2016 and was truly mesmerized by how she transformed herself into the character. It didn’t surprise me that she won the Golden Globe, as I don’t think the HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association) just gave it to her to please her “little monsters.” She can act, and when you add her singing abilities into that, chances are A Star is Born will blend both worlds beautifully.

New music from Gaga is a good thing.


As stated before, Joanne wasn’t exactly my cup of tea from Gaga at all, although I do appreciate her trying out a different avenue in her career instead of staying one note. The preview of this film alone will no doubt showcase Gaga’s vocals in a very strong, Janis Joplin sort of way that could mean two things: a great soundtrack and a 2nd Oscar nomination from her for Best Original Song (she got her first in 2016).

Critics seem to universally love it.

A Star is Born got stellar reviews at the Toronto Film Festival this past week, where its being called “nearly perfect.” That’s big for any singer who tries their way to make their way into film, as many fails either in the beginning or after several attempts.

Sheer interest alone should bring you to the movie theater.


Whether you like Gaga or not, this appears to be a film that will be the talk at that metaphoric “water cooler” come October. So, get that cup ready and be prepared to chat about what is shaping up to being one of the biggest films this fall.

A Star is Born will be released on October 9th.

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