5 Great Ways to View Hot Men Outside of Tumblr

The gay world went into a huge gay panic when Tumblr announced that they were removing all their adult-related content on December 17th.

Many came in with an opinion that this was a bad move on the company’s part, that they would delete their profile ASAP and that it was another version of the internet being censored (there were similar complaints when Craigslist shut down their personals section).

Fear not, my fellow gay community, because there are still so many ways we can view these kinds of hot men without the usage of a one-off site!

Here are 5 AMAZING ways you can still enjoy men in all their glory (either single or plural) without clicking onto Tumblr.


1. Go outside! I know many of us are glued to our phones 24/7, but shockingly enough… these hot men we view on Tumblr can easily be viewed in real life no matter where you go! Big city or small town, someone that you’ve enjoyed yourself to on that site could easily be seen outdoors which you can then fantasize about later. Yay!

2. Pay for porn! It’s shocking that no really does this that much anymore, but that’s where the real action happens that many of us have been bookmarking on Tumblr. Take that $9.99 you were going to spend on a crappy taco/burger and get yourself a streaming film that features twinks, bears, muscle or whatever your heart and inner pants desire.

3. Go to a gay bar! A lot of these guys we enjoy on Tumblr also occur at your local gay bar. You may even see your favorite guy there, and who knows what that could into for you and him? Digital get down indeed.


4. Watch sports! A lot of the Tumblr content that was viewed often was from the sports world and some wardrobe malfunctions that may have occurred while playing them. Good news! This can happen while watching them on television as well, and if not… many of those dudes are hot! ESPN on a Saturday afternoon during a college wrestling tournament sounds like a lovely weekend day to me.

5. It’s not the end of the world. The amount of frustrating posts I saw about Tumblr banning adult content was a bit odd to me. As you can see, these types of things are accessible in other ways, and we shouldn’t allow one website’s refusal to upload content to make us panic.

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