5 Handsome Gay Men We Want to Cuddle With for National Napping Day!

It's pretty incredible how every single day of the calendar year has some form of holiday attached to it.  For instance, March 9th was National Meatball Day.  March 14th is Pi Day.  and March 12th is officially National Napping Day, which is perfect for all of us who are still suffering from losing that one hour thanks to Daylight Savings Time over the weekend.

Napping is an art that is lost on the many of us who never have the time to lay down and enjoy an hour or two (or three) of blissful uninterrupted rest albeit on a Tuesday afternoon or a rainy Saturday.  Napping can be even better if there is someone there with you to cuddle with prior to both of you falling asleep. 

That being said, and yes this is potentially a silly piece, here are five gay celebrities that we wouldn't mind cuddling up next to for National Napping Day, or any other day of the year quite frankly.  Get your pajamas on, jump in bed, and have pleasant thoughts of being the little or big spoon with one of these five guys.

Max Emerson



Justin Russo



Gus Kenworthy


Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef 


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Wesley Woods


Make it a great day, #HOES!!#gymtime #sleepwhenimdead

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