5 Hot Female Music Videos That Beautifully Showcase The Male Form

There are hundreds of music videos that consistently showcase the female form, many of which are in a derogatory sense. From hip-hop to pop and rock and more, these clips have been done in a sort of “in your face” kind of way that for many of us come off as unappealing and doesn’t really showcase the artist who is performing them in the right light. If anything, it downplays a potentially great song for nothing but smut for the most part.

On the flip side, there have been a handful of music videos from some of our favorite female artists that highlight men in the way that men do to women, only in a more respectable manner (for the most part).

They’re are hard to find, but they exist and also play into the role of helping some of us with the whole “growing up gay” thing in that music videos can help shape our sexualities. Heck, I knew I was gay the moment I saw LL Cool J’s “Doin It”, so these clips must be doing something right.

Take a look at five videos by females that showcase some of the most delicious men the world has to offer.

Toni Braxton: “You’re Making Me High”

Lil’ Kim Featuring Da Brat, Missy Elliott, Angie Martinez and Left Eye: “Ladies Night”

Jennifer Lopez: “I Luh Ya Papi”

Janet Jackson: “Love Will Never Do (Without You)”

Nicki Minaj: “Super Bass”

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  1. But this has nothing to do

    But this has nothing to do with homosexual men. Those videos objectify the male body from the perspective of heterosexual women and female desires. Heterosexual women have always have liberty to objectify the male body because their sexuality is considered normal even if it is men who are treated like objects.


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