5 Hot Irish Celebs to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With!

March 17th marks St. Patrick's Day, the biggest Irish holiday in the world.  It is a day where you unfortunately have to deal with a bunch of drunk assh***s on every street (should you live in a big city), but on the flip side can enjoy some corned beef and cabbage as well as some delicious Irish soda bread.

Speaking of yummy meats, there are a ton of male celebrities who have Irish in their blood that are worth noting for just how hot they are.  Some are GAYlic (pun, pun, PUN!), some aren't, but at the end of the day… they are all brutally hot and worth celebrating this occasion for.

That being said, here are five very handsome Irish celebs that we wish would enjoy our four-leaf clover some day.

Brendan Courtney (Broadcaster & Fashion Designer)



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Liam Neeson (Actor)



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Stuart Townsend (Actor)



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Damien Rice (Singer-Songwriter)



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Jamie Dornan (Actor)



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