5 More Super Hot ‘Leaked’ Stories of 2018

Back in May, Instinct Magazine counted down the 5 biggest "leaked" stories of 2018. The term "leaked" in this situation means when a photo(s) of a certain male celebrity's front or back side (or both) magically appears on the internet. How it got there no one will really know and for the most part will not care because the men in question are so brutally hot. 

Last time we did this, we featured the desirable body parts of men like Love & Hip-Hop star Safaree Samuels, Brandon Miller aka Joanne the Scammer, Instagram star Nathan Schwandt, model Keegan Whicker and fitness enthusiast Danny 'Tree Man' Jones. Each of those scorchingly hot dudes had a lot to offer on the front and back, and now we've found five more for your personal enjoyment.

Take a look at five other men who have wound up totally (or for the most part) nude on the internet. NSFW of course. 

English Footballer Jordan Nuttel

His last name is enough to make you giggle, but his nudes surely weren't when they were leaked back in June. 

Superbly Hot Model Charles Laurent

He has a penchant for being nude quite a lot, however his revealing photo shoot that he did over the summer may have just tipped his hotness overboard.

'Big Brother' star Sam Chaloner

Big indeed. Thanks for the memories Sam. 

'Ex on the Beach' stud Zach Tull

He told MTV UK the following before Ex on the Beach premiered in March: "One thing you need to know about me is that I can't keep it in my pants. That's always been my problem." He clearly hasn't

Tyson Beckford Strips Down in Next to Nothing

Ok, so this one isn't "leaked", it was intentional, but come on… its TYSON FREAKING BECKFORD! Any chance to look at that gorgeous body and face is a good one. Like this opportunity here.

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