5 Things You May Not Know About Joe Exotic’s Husband Dillon Passage

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Admid everyone being stuck at home, what has risen to the surface to become the most talked about items online? Tiger King and the social simulation video game series Animal Crossing

Joe Exotic, the eccentric and over-the-top star of the Netflix docu-series Tiger King, has left millions in a state of awe and confusion over who he is. The world of Joe Exotic (real name Joe Maldonado-Passage) is full of polygamy, drug abuse, and a woman who quite possibly (allegedly) fed her second husband to the tigers.


Dillon Passage, one of Joe’s four husbands and someone he is still currently married to (wed on December 11, 2017) was a character that fans did not know too much about. This was because the docu-series only pieced him into the scenes where he had relevance, no back story or further development.

And, of course, is this involves reality TV, Andy Cohen would not be far behind. The Watch What Happens Live host, who has spent a decade asking celebrities and reality stars some truly uncomfortable and hilarious questions, did just that with Dillon during a chat on Cohen’s Radio Andy show, Wednesday, April 1.


Here are 5 things you may not know about one of the most talked about people in the world right now, but learned from Cohen’s broadcast: 

1. Top, bottom or vers?  Dillon said he likes “both equally”. Moving on. 

2. He’s still in love with Joe all these years later. The 24-year-old hotel bartender confessed that he’s “very loyal” to his husband. “He’s been with me through my darkest times,” Passage recalled, “and I’m not going to just dip out and abandon him when he needs me most.”


3. His mom is almost the same age as Joe. Dillon has a thing for daddies, apparently, and his loved ones didn’t mind at all. Although his mother was “shocked” when he first met Mr. Exotic. He also added that his sister’s family visited the zoo sometimes. 

4. He & Joe differ on the world of S&M. Joe is into, as Rihanna puts it, “chains and whips”, but it’s something that doesn’t excite Dillon that much. “We never actually did anything like that,” he said, which left Cohen in disbelief. “He never asked me to either, but I knew he had done that in previous relationships.”

5. His nipples are no longer pierced. But Andrew Cuomo‘s are? 




3 thoughts on “5 Things You May Not Know About Joe Exotic’s Husband Dillon Passage”

  1. There are no words to express my disgust with this whole sordid story and the way it is being promoted and all at the expense of beautiful, mistreated animals.

  2. The series on Netflix was interesting and the memes are funny, sure, but I wish to GOD we (the gay community) would STOP treating this man as some sort of Urban Legend/Hero.
    He was violent, misogynistic, abusive and horrible. He doesn’t deserve a shred of the hero worship he is receiving.

    He abused animals, probably murdered a few, tried to hire people to kill his detractor(s), lured men into relationships with meth and money, among MANY other things.

    LGBT people need to quit holding people like this up as representatives of us.


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