5 Times Nyle DiMarco Almost Bared All

Nyle DiMarco has definitely earned himself a position as one of the hottest guys in the entertainment industry since his easy win on season 22 of America's Next Top Model.

His sexiness and appeal go beyond the aesthetic, as he has also become a major advocate for the deaf community (he himself is hearing impaired, as is his DJ brother Nico) over the past couple of years.  He has even earned himself production credits as he is one of the producers of the Children of a Lesser God revival on Broadway (Marlee Matlin, who is also hearing impaired, won the Best Actress Oscar for the movie adaptation back in 1986).

So his social media pages, in particular his Instagram, are chock full of the best of both worlds in terms of his amazing physical abilities and his desire to help the deaf community, but the focus right now is strictly on the former. 

With his piercing blue eyes, chiseled features, furry body (thank you for not shaving) and a butt that deserves its own award, Nyle has given us some amazing photos and vids to look at over the years.  Which five, however, have been his most revealing?

Take a look at five pics (including one video) of his that left very little to the imagination.

How low can you go…


Summer… im readyyyyyyy

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Big night ahead…

That booty though…


Into the wild : @taylormillerphoto

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So tasty…


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Snake jealousy in full effect…

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