6 Hot Football Players to Watch During Super Bowl 52 Tonight

Millions upon millions of people will be glued to the TV screens tonight, as the New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles during Super Bowl 52.

Lots of exciting things will happen both during and before the game begins.  Pink will be performing the National Anthem (yay) and Justin Timberlake will hopefully put on a halftime show that includes Janet Jackson at some point.

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Of course, there is the game, and within that game, are several super hot members from both teams.  If you aren't the biggest fan of football, the least you can do is watch for the cute guys on the field, the daddies acting as coaches, and hopefully some really hot fans in the stands holding onto their big weiners (hot dogs).

That being said, here are six very hot reasons to watch Super Bowl 52 tonight.

Rob Gronkowski (New England Patriots)




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Chris Long (Philadelphia Eagles)




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Tom Brady (New England Patriots)




AFC champs and celebrating with my #1

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Carson Wentz (Philadelphia Eagles)



Malcolm Butler (New England Patriots)



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Zach Ertz (Philadelphia Eagles)



Excited to support a local Philly company. Thanks for the new mattress @dozebeds!

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7 thoughts on “6 Hot Football Players to Watch During Super Bowl 52 Tonight”

  1. Oh, yeah, I’d like to see a

    Oh, yeah, I'd like to see a pic of The Gronk's package, too!  He is hotness personified in all his beefy splendor!  Yum!

  2. Still waiting to see a pic of

    Still waiting to see a pic of Nick Foles "in all his glory," whom his Eagles teammates said had the biggest when they were asked who was the most hung player after their Super Bowl win! 😉

  3. Oh hell yeah Gronk is my top

    Oh hell yeah Gronk is my top pick as far as NFL sex gods! He turns up the sexiness factor in football!!

  4. And there wasn’t one player

    And there wasn't one player between both teams that did look like he was carved out of cream cheese and had facial hair

  5. Tom Brady, hot?! Funny thing.

    Tom Brady, hot?! Funny thing…I don't find lying and cheating sexy, but maybe that's just me!

    • Thanks for expressing that! 

      Thanks for expressing that!  His hotness appeal went way down for me after that debacle!  Plus, he got away without any real repercussions!  🙁


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