6 Straight Men Share … They LOVE a finger there.

Surprising (or not) Straight Men’s Confessions to Men’s Health Magazine

We all have those good girlfriends (actual biological females) who, after a few cocktails, will share with us some of the most intimate details of their sex lives. Be they married, dating or just doing the hookup thing, if you’ve heard their stories, you’ve most likely at some point learned that some of the men in their lives enjoy finger insertion into the anus during sex – with the guy being the insertee, not the inserter.

Of course, “insertee” is not a real word, but for the sake of this article, just go with it.


According to Men’s Health, the act itself, now with straight men as the willing recipients, has been rebranded with a new name. It is called “getting pegged,” and in consideration of the implications of sexuality that might be associated with it, it’s understandable that straight men who enjoy it would be reluctant to admit it openly.

However, there are exceptions, as I discovered this week when six brave heterosexual (ish) guys shared with the popular straight “dude” magazine, Men’s Health, their unadulterated and somewhat insatiable desire to be anally penetrated by their girlfriend’s finger(s) or other objects during sex.

For some straight men, it’s all about the pleasure principle.

Now I know what you’re thinking –that these guys might not be totally straight and that perhaps finger play is a gateway to gay, but as it turns out there are many straight men who enjoy being anally stimulated by their female partners during sex. The men interviewed by Men’s Health are candid and wonderfully expressive in sharing the reasons why they love it, and surprisingly in some instances, it transcends beyond a mere sexual experience to something far more cerebral.


Take for example “Phillip” aged 29 who has been pegged at least 30 times by three different women with a dildo. He professes a love for it as it provides the unique sensation of pressure massaging the prostate and amazing orgasm. That’s the physical aspect. But he also reveals that equally stimulating are the aspects of role reversals and power play in which the male becomes a submissive presence to his female partner. This dynamic is far less explored by heterosexual couples.

Then there is “John,” 35 years old with very progressive ideas about getting pegged. On the physical level, he claims his orgasms are experienced throughout his entire body when he climaxes while penetrated with a dildo or strap-on worn by his female partner, and he admits this brings him to a better understanding of his gay male friends’ sexuality. It helps him to find a commonality between gender and various sexualities. He explains, “… people need to be okay with ignoring gender-based ideas of what ‘right’ sex is. If you like pleasure, you’ll like pegging. Simple as that.”

I commend these guys for keeping it real and being honest about the pleasures they enjoy. They proudly admit they love being anally stimulated – just not by another man, and that’s fine. Their self-awareness is refreshing and to be commended, especially as it can bring more solidarity between different types of people while also destigmatizing sexuality in general.

All six men featured in the article claim to be straight and I believe them. There was one interviewee however who seemed to possibly teeter on the experimental side with another male as he ambiguously described one of his pegging partners as “non-binary.” There is definitely something peculiar about that admission – butt, I just can’t put my finger on it.

Head on over to Men’s Health for more from the backdoor.

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