60,000 Americans Voted For Kanye West?!

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Well, this is both hilarious and deeply depressing news.

As we wait in limbo to find out the results of the U.S. Presidential election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, a third candidate found his way into the news.


When rapper Kanye West announced his bid for the White House, despite formerly being a Trump supporter, many people laughed or groaned. Though, there were some who cheered. And now, it appears there were over half-a-hundred-thousand people who seriously (or jokingly) considered the idea.


According to USA Today, we now have a rough idea of how many people voted for Kanye West. It seems that the number is around 60,000. This is less than what early reports claimed. Before, it was believed that Kanye had 2 percent of the nation’s support.

We know, at least, one person who voted for Kanye in the election… himself. Kanye tweeted out on Tuesday a picture of his ballot. He shared in the caption that this was the first presidential vote that he’d ever made. Though, Kanye had to write his name in as he was unable to obtain ballot access in Wyoming, where he and his wife Kim Kardashian West live.


While 60,000 votes seem surprising, it is also a clear loss. Kanye West, however, has felt encouraged by his 59,999 supporters. On Wednesday, West canceled a planned appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and then tweeted out his interest in running for the presidency again in 2024.


Someone, anyone, help us!

Source: USA Today,

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