6ABC’s Adam Joseph Uses Quarantine To Showcase Fitness & Family

While many are struggling with sudden changes in their daily schedules like working remotely or suddenly adding “educator” to the list of daily activities, 6abc meteorologist  (and Philadelphia favorite) Adam Joseph is weaving fitness and activities with his kiddos into his daily schedule at home, and taking viewers along for the daily journey. 

Five year old Jacob & three year old Hannah are Joseph’s regular guests (with the occasional pop in from husband Karl) and their daily story time is equal parts heartwarming and hilarious. The little ones are naturals in front of the at-home camera, and seem to love interacting with the viewers at home in their own adorable way. While the occasional meltdown may occur (a particular one showed a slice of life that everyone can relate to), one thing is clear; the children love the extra time that they are having with Joseph, who they typically are sharing with viewers during his daily weather forecasts for the Philadelphia region on 6abc, 

STORYTIME WITH ADAMBook #19 will be familiar to just about everyone, or I would hope so. Thanks to nana, our kids have been in love with the movie "The Wizard Of Oz." Hope to see you again or for those who haven't joined before, we look forward to saying hi to you. Shout outs each morning! #savewithstories

Posted by Adam Joseph on Thursday, April 9, 2020


***EPIC MELTDOWN LIVE, PURE ENTERTAINMENT***The true brother sister rivalry and effects of being stuck at home. No book, no song, just a snapshot of real life right now. S&%# gets real 8.5 minutes in. We could have our own reality showWas supposed to be:HANNAH AND JACOB'S STORYTIME It is a beautiful Wednesday morning. Hope your kiddos are doing well and enjoy this weather book. The kids also have a song to sing.#CORONAVIRUS #dad #kids #reading #homeschool

Posted by Adam Joseph on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

While daily story time has become crucial viewing for the Philadelphia region, Joseph’s extended time at home has also sparked his creativity in other areas, specifically in one of his other areas of passion; fitness. Like many of us, not being able to get to the gym poses a challenge, but Joseph has found a couple creative ways to overcome that challenge. From crafting an at-home curl bar to doing leg presses with an assist from daughter Hannah, Joseph has managed to find unique ways to keep fit for upcoming summer days at the shore. 

WORKOUT TIP: ARMS Tryingvto find different ways to still get in a decent work out at the house. Here is something I learned today. #dad #workout #fitness #arms #curls #sweat #coronavirus #home

WORKOUT TIP: ARMSTryingvto find different ways to still get in a decent work out at the house. Here is something I learned today.#dad #workout #fitness #arms #curls #sweat #coronavirus #home #thisis42

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WORKOUT CORONAVIRUS STYLELEG DAY:Make sure you have someone help you if you dare try. Do at your own risk and the couch's (the legs on the couch are strong). This is a great leg press exercise and adding the cutest weights.#dad #workout #fitness #legs #lift #sweat #coronavirus

Posted by Adam Joseph on Sunday, March 22, 2020

While at home workouts and virtual story times have suddenly become the rage in our current state of suspended animation, Joseph’s videos have a unique perspective of their own. By showcasing his daily life with Karl and their consistently precocious children, Joseph is showing that the daily challenges and triumphs we are all currently experiencing  are impacting every single kind of family. 

Catch Adam Joseph and his brand-new series online, “At Home With Adam” here

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