7 Reasons People Are Saying The Pulse III Guybrator Is Better Than Traditional Sex

We know that sex with other men can be pretty great, but it can also be pretty bad sometimes. And sometimes, you just want to focus on yourself and what makes you feel good. That's when sex toys like the Pulse III come in handy.

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But if you need more convincing, here's how the Pulse can become your new best friend and give you control with your own sex life.

  1. No Post-Coital Awkwardness

Have you ever had sex and had to deal with social awkwardness afterwards? Imagine lying in bed after the job was done and you start thinking stuff like, “Does he want to stay over?” “What do I say?” But after using the Pulse III, you don’t have to deal with all that.

Honestly, the only awkwardness you’d have to deal with is the cleanup, and since the Pulse III is 100% waterproof, that shouldn’t be a big deal either.

  1. You Can Take as Long (or as Little) as You Want

Thanks to the Pulse III’s one size fits all build,  you can feel comfortable knowing the process of using it is all about you.

This goes further to mean there’s no other guy (or guys, you naughty boys) who’ll influence the situation to fit their speed and preferences. No guy who completes too quickly or too slowly, and then has you having to either finish yourself off or praying to finish soon.

When using the Pulse III, you can get yourself finished in no time at all. Or if you’ve got more time on your hands, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. It’s up to you.

  1. You Can Practice

Maybe, you want to learn a little more about yourself. Find out what makes you tick or twitch. You know what can help with that? That’s right, the Pulse III.

The Pulse III has several features to help fit everyone’s needs. In fact, the user can pick between 6 different vibration modes to help figure out which motion gets him going. Add that with frequency buttons to speed up or slowdown vibrations and you’ll be moving in no time, sailor.

  1. You Can Focus on Actually Reaching an Orgasm

Again, sometimes our sex partners are all about their needs and their orgasm. It’s those types of dudes that give dating a bad name (and make articles like this possible).

That aside, when you are lacking one of the good guys that make articles like this seem silly, you can use the Pulse III to fill in the gap.

The Pulse III can help you enjoy yourself to completion and is a gift that can keep on giving, and giving, and giving. Plus, with a one year warranty automatically built in, you are assured to keep that gift even if it malfunctions.



  1. They Can Give You a New Experience

Plus, with all those features, speeds, and the feel, you might find a whole new experience waiting for you with the Pulse III.

Your Pulse III Solo experience can feel like nothing you’ve felt before. Try using it without lube and have the 4th vibration at top speed. Then, try it with lube and have a super slow 3rd motion. You can give the five-finger shuffle a whole new tune with this instrument.

  1. They Can Enhance Fantasy

What else can spice up your sex life? A little fantasy, and, yes, the Pulse III can deliver with that too.

Now, any sex toy can add some fantasy in the bedroom. For instance, imagine having a dildo replica of your favorite porn star. Next thing you know, you’ll be going, “Oh (Insert your favorite porn star's name here), your manufactured penis model feels so good!"

But now imagine doing that with your front end.

The Pulse III gives you the opportunity to play with your front side in ways that mens’ backsides have known for years now. So, close your eyes, pick your vibration of choice, and let your imagination flourish.

  1. They're Here to Stay

Lastly, when you’re in between boyfriends and Grindr’s pickings are letting you down, guess who’s in your closet and waiting to please you.

That’s right, the Pulse III is here to stay and will always be available if you need it. And again, with that warranty there, you can be sure of the Pulse III’s sticking power.

And even when you do have a significant other in your life, the Pulse III can turn from a solo instrument into a duo act with its two sided vibrations.

So yes, using the Pulse III can sometimes be better than sex with another guy for many reasons. But maybe it’s better to say the Pulse III is just a great experience that you just have try for yourself (and maybe for others too). 

If you want to see for yourself, go claim your discounted Pulse today!

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