700 Students Kept From School In Protest of LGBTQ Curriculum

Last week, during a packed school board meeting at the Rocklin School District in California, a 3-2 vote passed the incorporation of K-5 curriculum approved by the state that will introduce students to LGBT figures. The board meeting got heated with parents voicing their opposition claiming that young children are not prepared for these types of discussions and that they know the maturity of their children and what they can handle.


In protest, over 700 students were kept home on Monday, May 6th reported Fox 40. Rocklin is a school district comprised of approximately 12,000 students serving the Rocklin area Northeast of Sacramento.

Parents who oppose the new approval have suggested a compromise, urging the board to introduce these materials in sixth grade or later, which has been the practice in other school districts. School officials said they will tweak the curriculum taking parent concerns into consideration.

Final numbers on attendance have not been reported, but school officials declare they suspect there will be a loss in state attendance funds and regret that students will have lost a full day of instruction. There are also concerns of parents taking their children out of the public school system and taking them to a private or charter school or even going as far as to homeschool their children.

Parents of the Rocklin School District can stay informed by visiting: https://www.informedparentsrocklin.org/

Source: Fox 40


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