79-Year-Old Newlywed Homeless After 24-Year-Old Husband Leaves Him!

79-Year-Old Newlywed Homeless After 24-Year-Old Husband Leaves Him!


The Model Left After He Got The House!

Oh, wow! I don’t think anyone in the world saw this coming. #Sarcasm. We reported to you in April 2017 the marriage of a 78-year-old, Retired Priest, Philip Clements, and 24-year-old model, Florin Marin. The newlyweds took the LGBTQ media by storm due to their incredible large age difference and meeting on a gay dating website. Did anyone really expect them to have a happily ever after? As many expected, their marriage is ending.

According to LAD Bible, immediately after purchasing a home for his husband, Clements is now homeless and strapped for cash after blowing his money (and probably so much more) on Marin. Clements tells that Marin allegedly treated him so poorly, would stay out partying all night, and made the pair move to a country where he didn’t even speak the language. Before their marriage, Marin allegedly was an angel and virtually a fairytale prince. Looks like the tables have turned the moment Marin got what he wanted! Clements tells:

“He said I wasn't allowed to go clubbing. It wasn't for old people. In my heart I didn't accept it, but I trusted him. I left very sadly and very unhappy. My friends in England were telling me I should leave him but I left with a very heavy heart. He came with me to the airport. I've lost everything really. I've lost my house and was in a poor state. I stayed with friends on alternate weeks until I was given a granny flat attached to one of my friend's houses.”

Jeez! I almost had tears in my eyes reading that. It’s clear that someone may have been extremely taken advantage of because one other person didn’t have the mindset, ambition, or intelligence to support themselves. I wish the couple the best, but I don’t expect us to be writing about their 5 Year Anniversary or something positive. Let’s hope they both find peace and happiness. It’s obvious they both need it.

7 thoughts on “79-Year-Old Newlywed Homeless After 24-Year-Old Husband Leaves Him!”

  1. A retired priest marrying

    A retired priest marrying someone 50 years younger?  Paedophilia.  Plain & simple.  Old fuck got what he deserved.  How many young people did he abuse before retiring?

    No love lost for paedo preists.

  2. Well theirs one side of the

    Well theirs one side of the story but at least as far as the article is written I don’t see the older man taking any responsibility for how it turned out. I’m not saying the “model” (for what?) isn’t a complete fuckwad but it’s not coming across as he forced his husband to do anything. Yes he wanted to move to another country and go clubbing by himself however was a gun to 78 year olds head forcing him to move? Was he tied up at home while his husband was clubbing? Where did they move that had such progressive laws that a married gay man bought a house and the “wife” got to keep it in the settlement? Or was it put under Jr’s name? Or did he choose to move out and gave it to him? What happened sucked no doubt but if you treat him like a victim guess what he very well may not learn that their are people who will take until theirs nothing left. I think it sucks this 24 year old is as ugly on the inside as he is on the outside.

    I believe that a 78 year old & 24 year old can love one another and live happily ever after & I don’t doubt there are people who will treat you amazingly until you’ve married them & then flip and treat you like garbage. I believe that this kid may be like that but I think it’s also important to note that you’re telling one side of a story and who hasn’t heard stories that are distorted due to a broken heart & hurt feelings. I know I’ve had exes  exaggerate and even outright lie about me either to gain sympathy or thinking hurt my image to others might make me hurt. 


    To the writer: You say the 24 year old “didn’t have the mindset, ambition, or intelligence to support themselves.” While I’d agree if the account of how things went is true he’s a piece of shit but I’d like to point out that he seemed like he has those skills and utilized them. It was Just in a way that was fucked because it hurt someone and it showed he has little compassion for another person if it means getting what he wanted.

  3. One clearly does not need

    One clearly does not need peace and happiness.  He needs to be arrested for taking advantage of an elderly person.

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  5. Age old gay story – older

    Age old gay story – older dude’s perpetual need for Young.Tight.Ass.  

    God forbid the old priest should try to find someone in their 40s or so who might be stable and want to settle down.  Nope -run after the narcissistic kid bare into puberty.   

    Hows that working for Clements?!?!


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