8 Ladies Yet To Be Impersonated On The Snatch Game!

8 Ladies Yet To Be Impersonated On The Snatch Game!

Check Out Our Picks For Who We Want To See!

#DRAGRACE! If you haven’t heard the buzz, the Snatch Game episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race was on yesterday. The Drag Queens did their diligence and as we’ve seen before, some exceled and some tanked. I’m still waiting for a Snatch episode to top the entertaining atrocity of season 4’s queens, but I digress. There’s loads of women – or flamboyant men – to impersonate in celebrity culture. After watching the new wave, I’m scratching my head wondering how we haven’t seen such powerhouse personalities on the Snatch Game! Like, when will the Queens realize we don’t want to see them impersonate other Drag Queens? That’s just…plain and simple stating someone in your craft is more famous than you are! Take a peek at my choices of arguably the best – and guaranteed safe choices – yet to be on:



Kathy Griffin

Seriously, how has no one done Kathy Griffin yet?! Do we even need to go on the tangent of how easy she would be? Talk about the Donald Trump photograph, her alcoholic mother, her gays! Griffin is fool proof and I’m so shocked no one has even thought about impersonating her.



Roseanne Barr

With the revival of Roseanne it seems effortless to do a screeching, Trump Supporting Roseanne Barr. All you’d have to do is be a sloppy, marijuana smoker and have at it. She’s so animated in appearance alone, you’d give a flawless performance.



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Rosie O’Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell would definitely be my choice if I would ever be forced to perform the Snatch Game. She’s crude, loud, a lesbian, and there can be so many cheeky Trump jokes and even, in the right taste, gags about her time on The View and her daughter abandoning her. Without question, this would be a hit.



Joy Behar

While we’re on the subject of The View – one of the greatest daytime talk shows – someone can essentially do Joy Behar in the same vein as O’Donnell and Barr. Be loud, have a ridiculous – iconic – head of hair, and some messy make up. Behar is a walking caricature and would translate into hilarity at any rate. Pay attention season 11 Queens!


Ina Garten

While season 3 saw Delta Work flawlessly nail Paula Deen, it appears that LGBTQ ally, Ina Garten (or the Barefoot Contessa), should be next in line. She may not be as comical as Deen, but chances are anyone can kindly impersonate her and won’t make an ass out of themselves as we’ve seen in seasons past.


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Meghan McCain

I have a soft spot for Meghan McCain, which I’m well aware is not popular opinion. I think she is incredibly intelligent and such a strong woman, however, she is so easy to make fun of. While her sense of humor wouldn’t take kindly to an exaggerated version of her; I’m pretty certain that’s the point of the Snatch Game! You could easily make an endless amount of jokes with her being Republican, almost the First Daughter of the United States, and interrupt nearly everyone on the rest of the panel. They’d all hate you, but if Melania Trump can gain someone a win – a McCain definitely would.



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Mariah Carey

How?! How has Beyonce been poorly done a thousand times over and no one has attempted the gift that keeps on giving: Mariah Carey?! These are over-the-top Drag Queens and no one has thought to do Carey?! The champagne, the darlingggg, the vocal frying of it all! If I don’t see her on next season, I’m done believing in creativity. Seriously, these people are choosing real housewives over real celebrities.

Gabourey Sidibe

If someone can flawlessly do Monique’s character of a horrible mother from the film Precious, why can’t someone actually do the titular Actress herself, Gabourey Sidibe? Sidibe has proven to be a sassy and kooky kid-in-a-candy-store. She’s always overly happy, constantly speaking about her weight, and is definitely someone you’ve known from high school. She would be so much fun to impersonate – and you’d probably even get a retweet from her!

Who do you want to see impersonated on the Snatch Game who hasn’t been done yet?!

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  1. I would LOVE to see one of

    I would LOVE to see one of the girls impersonate Ann-Margret… the queen of the Las Vegas strip throughout the 70's & 80's!


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