‘9-1-1: Lone Star’s Rafael L. Silva Drops a Series of SUPER SEXY Pics

Rafael L. Silva recently posted a series of photos on his Instagram feed and Stories, and some of them happen to be thirst traps showing off the out hottie’s fit bod…

The 29-years-old Brazilian-American actor is in an outdoor setting in the photos, and he even shared a few pics of the beautiful mountains. On the caption, he wrote: “minha cor predileta é você,” which translates to “my favorite color is you” in English.

You can check out his V steamy pics here:



Aside from leaving his followers thirsting for more with his hot pics on the gram, Silva is also known for portraying the character of Carlos Reyes in the TV series ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’. Let’s not forget that he is one-half of the fan-favorite on-screen couple called “Tarlos”, alongside Ronen Rubinstein’s TK Strand.

Moreover, the actor identifies as gay, and he decided to come out to his family before going to college. He previously shared his coming out story to Folie Magazine, recalling:

“A month before going to college in New York I decided to tell my family. That Monday I told them that I had something very important to tell them the following Sunday and I prepared this special day so that we could go to the beach, have a barbecue and eat cakes. That’s how I had it structured in my head. Then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday came and I was trying to convince myself that I had to do that on Sunday. Sunday came, we went to the beach and I sat them down in front of me and told them I wasn’t being honest with them since I thought I was gay. It was the first time I said it out loud and I started crying a lot. They stood up and started applauding, they accepted me immediately.”

As for his friends, Silva noted that he “didn’t tell anyone until I got to college” because he “was afraid that people would change their perception of me.”

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