A 17-Year-Old Teenager Was Murdered And Police Suspect The Ex-Boyfriend

A bisexual high school athlete was murdered, and some think it was the ex-boyfriend who did it.

According to the Los Angeles Times, 17-year-old Jeremy Sanchez of South El Monte High School was discovered dead of stab wounds on Wednesday (April 18).

Sanchez’s body was found along the San Gabriel River trail by a 16-year-old during a community search effort. While many commended the teenage boy for finding Sanchez’s missing body, soon that 16-year-old found himself handcuffed and arrested. Why? Because he’s now the prime suspect.

It seems that the 16-year-old, who’s identity is being withheld due to the fact that he’s a minor, was close to Sanchez. In fact, the Los Angeles Blade reports that the two were dating until Sanchez broke up with the suspect in order to take a female friend to prom.

“That’s something we’re following up on—if there was some kind of problem or some problem with their relationship or some kind of discrepancy… or argument,” says Lt. John Corina, a spokesperson for the L.A. County Sheriff’s  Department. “What made one kid want to kill the other kid since they were close friends?”

The authorities already have the firm belief that the suspect asked Sanchez to meet at the river on Tuesday night and stabbed him there. That said, they are still investigating the case in order to be certain because there was an attempt to cover-up the murder.

“This is somebody who obviously planned this, who tried to plan it well,” says Corina. “And who then tried to throw everybody off.”

Meanwhile, family and friends are morning the loss of Sanchez who was known for being kind and engaged in sports.

If you feel inclined to help Sanchez’s family pay for the funeral expenses, you can support them at this GoFundMe page.

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