A Brilliant Conspiracy Theory Emerges about ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars’

RuPaul's Drag Race launched its third season of All Stars this past Thursday to much success (it's highest rated ever) and of course, fandemonium as 10 previous RPDR queens came back for a shot at the All Stars crown.

In that same episode, it was revealed that the tenth queen to compete was season one winner Bebe Zahara Benet.  The first nine queens were announced a couple of months back, however Bebe was the big shocker of the night as she is the first queen to have won RPDR to compete on All Stars.  Question here is, is she actually competing?

There's a conspiracy theory floating online that Bebe isn't really there to compete, but is actually one of the judges on AS3. 

A Facebook user named Chris White coined this conspiracy theory, saying that Bebe is simply there as a mole.

"If you guys were smart, and notice the "Handsmaids Tale" theme to this season, you would know that Bebe isn't really there to "compete".  Ru put her in the competition as a "mole", just like in Handsmaid Tale.  Bebe is going to coast by never landing in the bottom 2 or winning a challenge; she will always be safe.  When the finale comes, Bebe will be announced as the mole and helps Ru decide which queen will be come the winner.  By doing this, it allows Bebe to showcase her talent to new fans every episode without her winning a single thing from lipsynchs and the grand prize since she already won.  This also allows Mama Ru to do an All Stars season of just winners only in the future.  You're welcome."

We are GAGGED!  What are your thoughts on this conspiracy?

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