A Chicken Sandwich Is Causing Violence

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Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Starts A Viral Craze Including Violence, Death, And Madness

Popeye’s Chicken was founded in the ‘70s and has since been arguably the best chain restaurant, fast food chicken you can get. The crispy chicken is definitely something to be tasted and we love their biscuits with honey (and a drink). Lately, you’ve probably heard that Popeyes released a chicken sandwich, sold regular or spicy flavored, which has taken social media by storm. Seriously, has any fast food chain ever used social media in this capacity before to sell a sandwich? Everyone who is tech savvy wants to upload themselves with the sandwich to their InstaStory or social profiles. While that all sounds like cute fun, it’s actually turned into some horror stories… including murder.

According to CNN, twenty-eight-year-old Kevin Tyrell Davis was stabbed to death after getting into an argument with a fellow Popeyes patron after he cut in line at a store in Maryland. That’s definitely the tip of iceberg of this insanity, but many more videos have been showcased and thrown over YouTube by numerous people behaving viciously regarding getting their hands on the sandwich and the stress that it takes to consume one. I recently went down a rabbit hole today and watched too many scenes of people attacking one another, hearing  racist and homophobic insults aimed at hardworking employees, and too be honest I saw a lot of careless, cruel customers who are making the Popeyes employees lives a living hell. The amount of anxiety and pressure you can see on all of the employee’s faces is painful and you know damn well that they won’t see a lick of the mass income the company is receiving from the promotional sandwich.

The sandwich was a big summer hit and recently made a comeback a few weeks ago. I don’t know if the Popeyes CEO’s are waiting to see what their body count will be before they stop the sales again. Even though they should just add the sandwich to their original menu so we can cease all of the insanity. Because to me, someone who likes to live with some logic, this sandwich isn’t worth my safety or time.  Have you gotten your lips on the sandwich yet?

While ignorant uploaders on YouTube call the following videos below the “best” of Popeyes Chicken fights, it’s obviously the absolute worst. If you can stomach the ridiculousness, shame, and embarrassment you’re about to witness, I’ve put a few clips below:



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2 thoughts on “A Chicken Sandwich Is Causing Violence”

  1. Why is EVERYTHING about President Trump? Ya been to a Popeyes lately? Not exactly the pillars of society asking to pass the Grey Poupon. Put the blame where it belongs.

  2. This is a perfect example of why tRump is currently in the White House….people going batshit crazy over a f-ing fast food sandwich!

    America has become so dumbed down that this is more important that the people that govern you…


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