A Chilean Gay Jail Film?

Juan Carlos Maldonado as ‘The Prince.’ / Image via Niña Niño Producciones

European movie lovers, a hit art film from Chile is about to appear in your blue-ray stores!

Directed by Sebasitián Muñoz and co-written by Muñoz and Luis Barrales, The Prince is a Chilean film set in a prison during 1970.


As the film’s synopsis goes:

“Within a prison in Santiago of the 70’s, Jaime (played by Juan Carlos Maldonado), a young prisoner who has been convicted for the violent and inexplicable crime of his best friend, has a definitive encounter with ‘the Stallion’ (Alfredo Castro), an older man who inspires respect and holds the power behind bars. Searching for protection, Jaime develops with the man a relationship of affection and tenderness, discovers love and the need to be recognized, and later, becoming ‘The Prince,’ finally rethinks his sexual identity, and the reason for the crime that took him to prison.”

Image via Niña Niño Producciones

The movie gained praise at the film festival circuit and even won the Queer Lion Prize at the Venice International Film Festival. Part of The Prince’s praise (and some scrutiny) centered on the movie’s graphic nature. The film does not censor the dark realities of prison life such as violence caused by prison guards, sex (including rape) within cells, and more. But most of this praise comes from the gripping lead (and performance by Maldonado) at the center of that violence.

If that description doesn’t scare you, you can check out the film shortly. The Prince recently released the below trailer to promote its distribution within European countries. While the movie released on DVD & Blu-ray in the USA back in July, the film is just now touching down in the U.K. and Germany this December. Check out the trailer below.

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