A Classic Brady Bunch Episode Gets The ‘Drag Race’ Treatment

Two of America’s biggest cultural forces ever come together on June 30th for one “Mon-Ru-Mental” television event, as cast members from the classic television sitcom The Brady Bunch team up with cast members from RuPaul’s Drag Race to recreate the Season 2 episode ‘Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?’

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The original Brady Bunch returning cast members include Barry Williams (Greg Brady during the series’ run, but during this special will inhabit the role of Mike Brady), Christopher Knight and Mike Lookinland who portrayed brothers Peter and Bobby Brady during the original run. In the new version, Eve Plumb will play “Lucy” and Susan Olsen will play “Margie.” Drag Race performers Kylie Sonique Love will play Jan, Kandy Muse stars as Cindy, Shea Couleé stars as Marcia, Bianca Del Rio is Carol, BenDeLaCreme is Greg, and Nina West will be Alice. Both Michelle Visage and RuPaul will make appearances during the episode as undisclosed characters at this time. (You can watch the first trailer for ‘Dragging The Classics’ here)



Executive producer (with World of Wonder) Randy Barbato said that releasing this during Pride month was no coincidence. He told Variety “For so long, “The Brady Bunch” has represented the idyllic aspirational mixed family, but by mixing the stars of the original cast with the stars of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ we have been able to remind folks of the true meaning and value of family”. He went on to say, “It’s also thrilling for us to have the opportunity to showcase the talents of so many of the ‘Drag Race’ girls, and to see their work alongside iconic actors! Hopefully, this project will help encourage folks to create even more opportunities for artists who don’t always get called upon.”

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The Drag Race stars participating in this event are truly aware of the gravity of being a part of this once in a lifetime project. Bianca Del Rio called participating in the project “a great opportunity for some of us that are performers that do more than the Drag Race showcases.” while Nina West said “I grew up watching “The Brady Bunch,” and I would come home – and it was in syndication – and watch it with my two older sisters. It was this hyper-romantic idealized way. Here’s a family that has divorced kids, divorced parents and a blended family. And now, here we are, with these cultural icons to recreate this episode that is being tied to diversity, pride and authenticity, and loving your true authentic self.”

‘Dragging the Classics: The Brady Bunch’ premieres June 30 exclusively on Paramount+

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