A Collection of Super Hot Bearded Gay Men to Drool Over

Are you gay?  Chances are if you read Instinct, then… check!  Are you into bearded dudes or facial hair?  Do you enjoy a plethora of gay men with facial hair to help get you through a chill Saturday morning?  Well then this piece is for you!

The popularity of beards and facial hair has grown strong since the new millennium, when the 90's was all about having a clean shaven face.  That's cute and all, but for me personally, nothing is sexier than a guy that sports a sexy beard with a nice face to go along with.

Check out some of these hotties who have no problem rocking some facial hair.  Woof and grr indeed.


Guillermo Suarez Gil

Leland Coffey


Mighty young oak #giant #blond #beard #shorts #bigdreams #growth #bigdonsboys #ladreams

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Bryan Knight


It's been a while. #selfportrait

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Tyree Fifer

Ali Mushtaq​

Brandon Deyette

Garic Soldatov 



The vibe is wrong.

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Jeff Mavraganis



Sinusitis 1 – Alessandro 0

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Alessandro Corti



Michael Wright 

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