A Customer Was An A** When Using Yelp*, So The Restaurant Fought Back.

One Kansas City, MO restaurant did not take too kindly to a Yelp* review they received and rightly so.  Eater reports that it all started when a customer wanted to order take out from Voltaire, the restaurant across the street from where the customers were holding a meeting.  The restaurant staff refused to prepare any take out orders for the Yelp*ers.


The restaurant workers all the way up to the general manager were involved in the phone tirade from first the female customer, then her husband, whom the employees were told was “a lawyer.” 



What the customers desired was something that the restaurant clearly did not offer take out.  The restaurant’s policy of no take out was clearly listed on its  yelp page.



Part of Voltaire's Response:

I sincerely apologize that we don't offer "take-out" food at our restaurant. Being a Yelp user, I'm sure you were aware that on our Yelp business page, on the right side of the screen, it lists details about our establishment. There is an item listed "Take-Out : No". We have never offered take-out food as we believe the food we prepare should be presented as we see fit, (usually) on a plate inside the dining room.


Voltaire’s owner Wes Gartner, who wrote the Yelp response, said “When a customer wants to get their way by using Yelp as leverage, I thought that was way out of line.” 


I've been with some "friends" that have acted like these customers and threatened similar action.  Usually I'm embarrassed by how they react and hope their mood will change and they will forget it even happened.

Does an occurrence like this one in Kansas City constitute a response from the restaurant? 

Should restaurants fight back?

If you would like to read both the full customer yelp post and the restaurant's response, go here

Read more of Wes Gartner's local interview here.

12 thoughts on “A Customer Was An A** When Using Yelp*, So The Restaurant Fought Back.”

  1. David Baros is a troll

    David Baros is a troll exactly like that article described. Sitting in front of a computer ranting about his self righteous beliefs. You're an entitled POS who thinks the world was made to revolve around them. Take you opinions and beliefs and shove them up your ass. I come to Yelp to get honest reviews not some morons opinions about nothing that has to do with Quality, Service or Cleanliness. But makes it about himself and they way to get his point across is to legitimately hurt someone's business by providing a dishonest review to be used as leverage. You are garbage!

  2. A customer’s ‘status’ is

    A customer's 'status' is irrelevant.  This in no way makes them any more able to make an objective assessment of a facility than one of another 'status.'  The misuse of the internet by cowards too afraid to express themselves face to face in addressing their displeasure as adults is annoying. Any moron can sit behind an impenetrable wall and cast aspersions at another with impunity. It takes a mature adult to stand up and say it to another's face. 


  3. In all fairness I have read

    In all fairness I have read through yelp.com reviews of local businesses I patronize and some reviews on that site are OUTRAGEOUSLY inaccurate. Many of those one star disgruntled reviews are very entertaining to read but I can verify they are grossly over-exaggerated in the negativity they report.


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  4. As a fellow yelper, I don’t

    As a fellow yelper, I don't appreciate yelpers who use their status as leverage. I find yelp as a source to help make a [potential] customers visit easier and a way to provide constructive criticism to the business. You can't give an honest review if you aren't treated just like everyone else. It's yelp you guys! Get off your high horse. xxJ

  5. The establishment DID NOT

    The establishment DID NOT OFFER legendary service. It could have gone the extra mile for a potential customer who was stuck in a meeting. If you ask me, customer was definitely justified. And the establishment was wrong to treat any potential customer the way they did. Rules are made to be broken(especially, when you want to make sales). 

    • “Customers are always right”

      "Customers are always right" is what they say.

      Granted if they "DID NOT OFFER legendary service." a business has the right to do what they want. Have you ever worked at a restaurant, or any form of customer service? If you have, you know that if you make an exception for one customer, you have to make an exception for everyone else. It was clearly stated that they don't do take out and they believe that their product doesn't deserve to be put in a to-go box. It's just something you have to accept.

      • Yes, I worked in the

        Yes, I worked in the restaurant business over 30 years. Most of it spent as a manager in various stages of management. It's all in how far you are willing to go for your customers despite the rules. If you choose not to, then you're just simply "doing your job"- not enjoying your job(and/or your customers).

        • just because u dont bend ur

          just because u dont bend ur rule to fit ur customer need doesnt mean u dont like ur jobs. there are rules that shouldnt be break, and obviously, u dont really care. they only show , u dont really care abour ur jobs/boss. u dont care if the business will last, since u can always change.

          • Apparently, you didn’t

            Apparently, you didn't understand thing one of what I said! Go away and troll somewhere else, dip wad! You're disillusioned opinion means nothing to me.

          • Wow. You are calling someone

            Wow. You are calling someone else a troll, as I was just sitting here reading your statements and thinking to myself YOU are a troll!

    • Clearly the people at the


      Clearly the people at the meeting should have been prepared. Next time choose a restaurant offers take out. 



    • wow wow wow..it is sad that

      wow wow wow..it is sad that people still live in the past. Rule aint make to be broken. it doenst matter what it is. and who said that u have to break the rule to make sales? Shame on U


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